A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists 6th Edition

Fred Beisse

  • © 2015
  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013, 2010, 2004
  • 688 Pages


Equip current and future user-support professionals with the critical people skills and exceptional technical abilities necessary to provide outstanding support with Fred Beisse’s A GUIDE TO COMPUTER USER SUPPORT FOR HELP DESK AND SUPPORT SPECIALISTS, 6E. This useful guide focuses on the information resources and technical tools students need most to function effectively in a support position. Students develop the skills to handle troubleshooting and problem solving, successfully communicate with clients, determine a client's specific technology needs, train end-users, and handle budgeting and other management priorities. Clear, balanced coverage in this fully revised new edition highlights the latest trends and developments, from Web and email-based support to new features in Microsoft Windows, cloud computing, and ethical challenges. Engaging special features such as Tips, role-playing scenarios, and On the Web Pointers provide important insights, while Discussion Questions and Case Projects encourage active participation in the learning process.

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What's New

  • A new section on ethical challenges in help desk work provides readers with a realistic view of an important and challenging aspect of employment in information technology.
  • New examples illustrate the growing importance of tablet PCs and mobile technology in user support.
  • Expanded coverage of ITIL guidelines illustrates how best practices are implemented in information technology.
  • A new section on conflict resolution highlights the importance of working effectively on a project team as well as with difficult users.
  • Examples of the kinds of questions asked on certification exams helps readers prepare to meet the expectations of exam providers.
  • A new help desk software tool, LBE Desktop Helpdesk, is featured, including an appendix with hands-on activities using the software.

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