A First Course in Mathematical Modeling 5th Edition

Frank R. Giordano, William P. Fox, Steven B. Horton

  • © 2014
  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2009, 2003, 1997
  • 704 Pages


Offering a solid introduction to the entire modeling process, A FIRST COURSE IN MATHEMATICAL MODELING, 5th Edition delivers an excellent balance of theory and practice, giving students hands-on experience developing and sharpening their skills in the modeling process. Throughout the book, students practice key facets of modeling, including creative and empirical model construction, model analysis, and model research. The authors apply a proven six-step problem-solving process to enhance students' problem-solving capabilities -- whatever their level. Rather than simply emphasizing the calculation step, the authors first ensure that students learn how to identify problems, construct or select models, and figure out what data needs to be collected. By involving students in the mathematical process as early as possible -- beginning with short projects -- the book facilitates their progressive development and confidence in mathematics and modeling.

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What's New

  • A new chapter on Modeling with Decision Theory including Probability and Expected Value, Decision Trees, and Conditional Probabilities.
  • A new chapter on Game Theory including sections on Illustrative Modeling Examples and Total Conflict as a Linear Program Model: Pure and Mixed Strategies.
  • New and revised problems, examples, and projects.
  • Chapters on Dimensional Analysis and Similitude and Graphs of Functions as Models have been removed from the text, and are available on the companion website for instructors who still want to include this material in their course.

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