A Community of Readers: A Thematic Approach to Reading 7th Edition

Roberta Alexander, Jan Jarrell

  • © 2016
  • Published
  • 512 Pages


A COMMUNITY OF READERS: A THEMATIC APPROACH TO READING, 7th Edition, helps developing readers engage in all steps of the reading and learning process: reading, discussing and reflecting, writing, and critical thinking. Using the unique PRO system—Prepare to Read, Read actively and reflect, and Organize to learn—students develop and follow a concrete learning process that helps them examine fact and opinion, understand bias, think critically, write effectively, and much more. Each chapter focuses on a theme, helping emerging readers develop schema, and also introduces a key reading skill such as identifying main ideas or understanding inferences. The second of two books in series, A COMMUNITY OF READERS: A THEMATIC APPROACH TO READING has been fully updated with new full-length readings, a variety of new visual aids, and a revised Reader’s Toolkit for self-testing and improving reading skills.

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What's New

  • Fresh Content: The Seventh Edition includes many new instructional paragraphs, visual aids and nine all-new, full-length reading selections by engaging, contemporary essayists and textbook authors.
  • Interactive Learning: New! The Aplia online homework solution gives students more hands-on practice to help them understand concepts at greater depth, while giving instructors a hand with grading.
  • More Skills Help: New visual aids in the Reader’s Toolkit incorporate fresh data and engaging infographics. The toolkit allows students to study independently and self-test for stronger skill development. “Reading Visual Aids” instruction is integrated throughout the text and highlighted in a condensed, updated section.
  • New “EQ” Focus: Several of the new reading passages included focus on emotional intelligence which helps readers see the importance this skill plays in learning and interpersonal relationships.

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