Whether you're guiding beginners or experienced professionals, Green's 3-2-1 CODE IT! 5E offers you the most comprehensive, easy-to-use medical coding guide on the market with the tools to keep learners as current as possible. This best-selling book addresses the latest updates on ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT®, and HCPCS Level II coding sets, conventions, and guidelines. The book's well-organized, intuitive approach begins with diagnosis coding before building on this foundation with more in-depth instruction on procedures and services. You'll find coverage of both ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets as well as separate, thorough chapters on outpatient and inpatient coding. Extensive mid-chapter exercises, end-of-chapter practice, case studies, study checklists and questions prepare readers for earning coding credentials, while strategic tips on career advancement help emerging professionals achieve more. 3-2-1 CODE IT! 5E's extensive support package includes a workbook, a brand-new MindTap with a complete digital interactive learning experience, and EncoderPro.com software to help readers master the most current coding skills needed for success today.

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  • UPDATES HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT®, AND HCPCS LEVEL II CODE SETS, CONVENTIONS, AND GUIDELINES. This edition's up-to-the-minute content corresponds with the latest ICD-10 change, helping readers master coding skills needed for immediate certification and future professional opportunities.
  • Recent federal legislation rescheduled the ICD-10 implementation date in the United States to October 1, 2015 rather than October 1, 2014. Therefore, chapters 2-6 have been split into Chapters 2A-6A to cover ICD-9 and Chapters 2B-6B to cover ICD-10 to ensure that readers have a proper understanding of both code sets during this time of impending implementation.
  • EXPANDED CONTENT ABOUT CPT® CATEGORY II AND III CODES PREPARES READERS TO WORK WITH EMERGING TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES. Readers learn how to work with the most recent codes, including those added since the last printing of the CPT® coding manual.
  • REVISED FORMS, EXAMPLES, RESOURCES AND VISUALS CLARIFY CONCEPTS FOR READERS. This edition offers the most up-to-date sample forms, meaningful examples, helpful web resources and clear visual aids that provide readers a working familiarity with routine coding activities.
  • ENHANCED END-OF-CHAPTER STUDY AND REVIEW PREPARES READERS FOR CERTIFICATION EXAMS, ONLINE AND PROFESSIONAL CHALLENGES. This book offers more substantial end-of-chapter practice than any other book on the market, including multiple-choice questions coding case studies, new analysis problems and internet applications.
  • NEW LEARNING LABS ENABLE YOU TO ASSESS KNOWLEDGE WITH HANDS-ON APPLICATIONS. This online homework solution allows readers to practice concepts in a simulated real-world medical environment for improved retention. Readers increase comprehensive and critical thinking skills with this innovative learning tool that prepares them for today's workplace.

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