3-2-1 CODE IT! 4E is the premier, easy-to-use medical coding guide for both beginners and experienced professionals. This best-selling textbook begins with diagnosis coding, then builds on this foundation through in-depth instruction on ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II coding. 3-2-1 CODE IT! 4E prepares students better than ever for earning a coding credential by using the latest code sets, conventions, and guidelines. This edition also features strategic tips on career advancement that students will find helpful for years to come.

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  • Updated coverage of the HIPAA standards gives students the most accurate information available.
  • Expanded and easy-to-understand treatment of the legal aspects to coding, including electronic filing, discovery, duty to prevent spoliation, evidence laws and ethical standards keeps students abreast of these important considerations.
  • New sample forms, examples, web resources and visual aids give students a working familiarity with routine coding activities.
  • Enhanced study and review features include new analysis problems, end-of-chapter questions, and internet applications.

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