The 21ST CENTURY BUSINESS SERIES is an innovative instructional program providing instructors with the greatest flexibility to deliver business content using a modular format. Instructors can create their own business courses by combining several Learner Guides in the Series to form one-semester or two-semester courses. The individual Learner Guides can also be used as enhancements to more traditional business courses or to tailor new courses to meet emerging needs. The design and content of each Learner Guide in the 21ST CENTURY BUSINESS SERIES is engaging yet easy for students to use. The content focuses on providing opportunities for applying 21st skills while enabling innovative learning methods that integrate the use of supportive technology and creative problem solving approaches in today's business world. The Introduction to Business Learner Guide covers today's most relevant business topics such as how business has been affected by the global economic crisis and recovery as well as global environmental issues. The roles of marketing and human resources management are also incorporated into this Learner Guide.

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What's New

  • NET Bookmarks – an engaging feature that provides chapter-related activities for students to complete using information found on the Internet.
  • Career information in each respective area including green industry jobs and areas that fall under the 16 Career Clusters.
  • Relevant information on working in a global business environment.
  • A Teamwork feature focusing on the importance of teamwork in today's business environment.
  • Information on technical innovation and how it affects the business world.
  • An Ethical Dilemma question at the end of each chapter assessment allowing students to figure out how to handle many situations that arise in today's business landscape.

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