100% Student Success 4th Edition

Gwenn Wilson, MA, Lori Tyler, MS

  • © 2018
  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2015
  • 288 Pages


100% STUDENT SUCCESS, a text in the 100% Success Series, promotes student achievement by addressing practical tasks such as note-taking and reading strategies while encouraging students to develop skills that will serve them well beyond college, including critical thinking, goal setting, time management, and balancing life responsibilities. The fourth edition of 100% STUDENT SUCCESS retains important features such as Case in Point and Apply It! exercises. Journal prompts and short quizzes check students' understanding of key concepts and information.

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What's New

  • "Check Your Understanding" quizzes in every chapter provide an opportunity for students to review the material in the chapter and test their understanding of important concepts.
  • Journal prompts in the margin, along with critical-thinking questions, encourage students to reflect on what they have just learned and actively engage with content.

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Efficacy & Outcomes

White Papers, Case Studies, Success Stories

Increasing Student Learning Outcomes with MindTap
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Engaging Students with MindTap Leads to Success
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