100% Information Literacy Success 2nd Edition

Amy Solomon, M.S., O.T.R, Gwenn Wilson, MA, Terry Taylor, PhD

  • © 2012
  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2008
  • 256 Pages


100% INFORMATION LITERACY SUCCESS, a text in the 100% Success Series, teaches students and professionals to develop crucial information skills to succeed in today's academic and professional environments. The second edition of 100% INFORMATION LITERACY SUCCESS is designed to actively help students to develop skills beyond the classroom, focusing on those skills necessary for twenty-first-century learners and workers. Using hands-on learning activities and real-world applications, the text teaches readers how to determine the nature and extent of information needed to solve a problem, how to access the information effectively, how to evaluate the information found, how to use the information for a specific purpose, and how to effectively and legally communicate the information.

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What's New

  • New! The Second Edition of 100% INFORMATION LITERACY SUCCESS has been thoroughly updated in its coverage of core skills for twenty-first-century learners, including more on Digital Libraries, plagiarism, and the state of Information Literacy in the twenty-first century.
  • New! "Self-Assessment" Questions (previously Reflection Questions) cue students toward processing the information presented in the textbook.
  • New! "Case in Point Scenarios" (previously "Chapter Scenarios") are now paired with "Case In Point Revisited" sections that have been added to the end of each chapter.
  • New! New end-of-chapter features include Chapter Summary, Points to Keep in Mind (bulleted highlights from the text), and Check Your Understanding (link for student assessment).

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