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The College Writer: A Guide to Thinking, Writing, and Researching, Brief, 3rd Edition

The College Writer: A Guide to Thinking, Writing, and Researching, Brief, 3rd Edition

Randall VanderMey - Westmont College

Verne Meyer - Dordt College

John Van Rys - Redeemer University College

Patrick Sebranek - University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

ISBN-10: 0547147805  ISBN-13: 9780547147802

624 Pages   Paperbound

Table of Contents

1. Critical Thinking Through Reading, Viewing, and Writing.
2. Beginning the Writing Process.
3. Planning.
4. Drafting.
5. Revising.
6. Editing and Proofreading.
7. Submitting Your Writing and Creating Portfolios.
8. One Writer's Process.
9. Forms of College Writing.
10. Narration and Description.
"Mzee Owitti" by Jacqui Nyangi Owitti. "That Morning on the Prairie" by James C. Schaap. "A Hanging" by George Orwell. "Sunday in the Park" by Bel Kaufman.
11. Description and Reflection.
"The Stream in the Ravine" by Nicole Suurdt. "Scab!" by Randall VanderMey. "Call Me Crazy But I Have to Be Myself" by Mary Seymour. "American Dream Boat" by K. Oanh Ha.
12. Cause and Effect.
"Life-Threatening Stress" by Tiffany Boyett. "If You Let Me Play . . ." by Mary Brophy Marcus. "The Legacy of Generation N" by Christy Haubegger. "Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids" by Anna Quindlen.
13. Comparison and Contrast.
"Beyond Control" by Janae Sebranek. "Two Views of the River" by Mark Twain. "Shrouded in Contradiction" by Gelareh Asayesh. "Like Mexicans" by Gary Soto.
14. Classification.
"Three Family Cancers" by Kim Brouwer. "Four Ways to Talk About Literature" by John Van Rys. "No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch" by Ann Hodgman.
15. Process Writing.
"Wayward Cells" by Kerri Mertz. "Downloading Photographs from the MC-150 Digital Camera" (from WFB). "Campus Racism 101" by Nikki Giovonni. "Love and Race" by Nicholas D. Kristof.
16. Definition.
"Economic Disparities Fuel Human Trafficking" by Shon Bogar. "Understanding Dementia" by Sarah Anne Morelos. "Deft or Daft" by David Schelhaas. "On Excellence" by Cynthia Ozick.
17. Strategies for Argumentation.
18. Taking a Position.
"An Apology for the Life of Ms. Barbie D. Doll" by Rita Isakson. "Apostles of Hatred Find It Easy to Spread Their Message" by Leonard Pitts Jr. "Pornography" by Margaret Atwood. "Fatherless America" by David Blankenhorn.
19. Persuading Readers to Act.
"To Drill or Not to Drill" by Rebecca Pasok. "I Have a Dream" by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "The Media's Image of Arabs" by Jack G. Shaheen. "In Africa, AIDS Has a Woman's Face" by Kofi A. Annan.
20. Proposing a Solution.
"Preparing for Agroterror" by Brian Ley. "Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha" by Anna Quindlen. "The Media and the Ethics of Cloning" by Leigh Turner.
21. Interview Report.
"The Dead Business" by Benjamin Meyer.
22. Lab, Experiment, and Field Reports.
"Working with Hydrochloric Acid" by Coby Williams. "The Effects of Temperature and Inhibitors on the Fermentation Process for Ethanol" by Andrea Pizano.
23. Writing About Literature and the Arts.
" 'Good Country People': Broken Body, Broken Soul," by Anya Terekhina. " 'Let Evening Come': An Invitation to the Inevitable" by Sherry Van Egdom. "Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun" by Annie Moore. "Terror on the Silver Screen: Who Are the Aliens?" by David Schaap.
24. Taking Essay Tests.
25. Writing for the Workplace.
26. Writing and Designing for the Web.
27. Preparing Oral Presentations.
28. Getting Started: From Planning Research to Evaluating Sources.
29. Conducting Primary and Library Research.
30. Conducting Research on the Internet.
31. Drafting a Paper with Documented Research.
32. MLA Documentation Format.
33. APA Documentation Format.