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New Era of Management, International Edition, 10th Edition

New Era of Management, International Edition, 10th Edition

Richard L. Daft - Vanderbilt University

ISBN-10: 1111525714  ISBN-13: 9781111525712

720 Pages   Paperbound

New to this Edition

  • NEW "REMEMBER THIS" FEATURES REINFORCE KEY CONCEPTS FOR STUDENT RECALL. These easily-recognizable sections at the end of each major topic discussion throughout this edition distill key concepts into easy-to-read bulleted lists. Students find a one-stop-shop for quick concept review as this section highlights key terms and definitions as well as other key points important to the management concept.
  • FRESH NEW FOCUS ON MANAGING IN TURBULENCE HIGHLIGHTS TODAY'S LATEST CHALLENGES AND MANAGEMENT TOPICS. This updated edition focuses on today's ever-changing business landscape and the recent and critical challenges facing managers working within this environment. A new "Hot Topic" icon now used throughout the text draws your students' attention to some of the most up-the-date examples of management turbulence.
  • A BRAND-NEW "CONTINUING CASE" HELPS STUDENTS DEVELOP SKILLS AND SYNTHESIZE CONCEPTS. At the end of each part, a "Continuing Case" highlights in-depth management situations and challenges at retail giant Walmart. Students develop stronger managerial competencies as they examine how concepts from each part of the text apply to management situations, help overcome problems, and assist in formulating long-term solutions.
  • NEW, FRESH "ON THE JOB" VIDEO CASES PROVIDE BEHIND-THE-SCENES INSIGHTS INTO TODAY'S MANAGEMENT ISSUES. New "On the Job" Video Cases, filmed specifically for Daft's MANAGEMENT, 10E, take viewers into the inner-workings of innovative organizations to see management theories applied in business. Corresponding printed cases found in an appendix at the end of the text vividly illustrate the value and application of the management concepts students are learning.
  • NEW "APPLY YOUR SKILLS: SMALL GROUP BREAKOUT" ACTIVITIES REINFORCE TEAMWORK AND INNOVATIVE THINKING. Your students have perfect opportunities to apply management skills with these new small group activities at the end of each chapter. Students consider real management situations and problems and work together as a team to develop and apply solutions.