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Applaud an Adjunct

You nominated more than 100 noteworthy adjunct faculty during our Applaud an Adjunct event! Take a moment to read about some of the nominees and learn how they're making an impact inside and outside the classroom. 

Big Ideas in Higher Education

Michael Hansen Talks Education at the NYSE

Cengage CEO, Michael Hansen, joins Cheddar TV on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to talk about the future of higher education.

Make Education More Affordable

Explore Open Educational Resources (OER) and how to make quality education more affordable.

Put Students First When Choosing Class Materials

Now you can choose the course content, and students can choose how to learn it.

Leaders are Both Dreamers and Doers.
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Get the inside scoop from educators—just like you—who are dedicated to guiding students toward achievement. Become a Cengage super-user, and help your peers do the same; attend webinars and trade tips and tricks with fellow instructors.

Learning Solutions Based in Academic Research

Don’t take our word for it!
Read the research. You can be confident that Cengage solutions are effective because they’re built on principles based in academic research.

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As a Cengage Student Ambassador, you’ll make an impact on campus and in your community. Plus, it looks great on your resume—just sayin’.

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