Student Employability

The reason most modern students are in school: to get a great job. But, with automation and technology rapidly changing the workplace, are today’s learners ready? Below find resources to help you properly prepare your students.

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The 2019 Cengage Student Opportunity Index

Wondering what the post-grad environment looks like for your students? Find out in our first annual Cengage Opportunity Index—a comprehensive assessment dedicated to exploring the opportunities and challenges near and recent graduates face.

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For more information, visit our press release.

Is Technology Replacing Jobs?

We surveyed over 650 employers and over 1500 students to find out.

The People Factor eBook

Robots Need Not Apply: Uniquely Human Skills for the Workforce

Many students fear tech will replace jobs. But these fears sound like science fiction to employers, who demand uniquely human skills robots just can’t perfect like: effective communication, listening and critical thinking. Get the stats on where employers stand.

Which is More Important: Critical Thinking or Tech Skills?

Critical Thinking: Everybody Wants It—No One Gets It

Critical-thinking skills have become, well, critical to those pursuing a career. But there’s a disconnect between students and employers on what is meant by critical thinking. These stats offer insight into these often-misunderstood but highly sought after skills.

Get The Skinny on the Survey

This survey of over 1500 students and 650 employers reveals fascinating insights on the future of work. READ NOW →

Test Your Career Readiness IQ

Research & Resources

How to Combat Burnout: A Guide for Instructors

Given the modern pressure instructors, students and professionals experience, burnout is an all-too-common problem. Learn about the tips and tricks you can leverage to identify and address burnout, while giving your students the tools they need to avoid this pitfall.

Teaching Soft Skills: Why Demonstrating Their Value to Students is Critical

Soft skills are essential to employability. In our latest blog, learn about the role soft skill demonstration plays in student success along with tips and tricks you can incorporate into your lessons that guide students toward soft skill mastery.

Educators Can Help Learners (and Future Job Seekers) Bolster Soft Skills—Here’s How

Employers are looking for candidates with emotional intelligence. As an educator, you can help instill this within your students—no matter what subject you teach. Read on to learn how.

Study: Are Students Ready
for Work?

We surveyed 5K students on how the college experience compared to their expectations and needs. Read the report.

Tried and True Methods

These educators found success in prepping their students. Here’s how:

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Help give students what they need: affordable access to education.

Teaching Methods

Approaches to teaching are as varied as the educators who use them—check out these inspired ideas.


Discover real methods to nurture confident learners you can implement in your classroom today.

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