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Ta-da! WebAssign in Sakai Help Just for You!

SSO access screen

Access Your Campus Learning Management System

Head to your campus Learning Management System (LMS) home page and log in.

  • Click the link for your course. 
  • Click the link to your WebAssign content. 

Link Your Cengage and LMS Accounts

  • If you have a Cengage account, login by clicking on “Sign In”.
  • If you don’t have a Cengage account, you can create one by clicking on “Create Account”.
WebAssign Sign In

Purchase Options

A La Carte Access

  • Purchase instant access to just this digital course. 
  • If you already purchased an Access Code from the bookstore, click “Register an Access Code” to redeem it. 

All Access

Don’t want to pay for separate books and codes? Get all-access to the Cengage library with Cengage Unlimited.  For just $119.99 per term, you’ll get the most access:

  • All Cengage online homework platforms\

  • 19,000+ Cengage textbooks online

  • Textbook rental and more!

Trial Access

Need more time to decide?

  • You’ll get up to 14 days trial access to your digital course. Jump in by clicking “Open Course.”
  • Keep track of how much time is left with a handy ticker.
  • You also may be eligible for a free two-week trial to Cengage Unlimited.* Check it out by clicking “Explore Cengage Unlimited.”

Once your trial access ends, you will need to make a purchase decision.

* You’re eligible for a Cengage Unlimited trial if you haven’t previously subscribed to Cengage Unlimited.

You’re All Set!

You now have access to all of your course materials. Go ahead, dive in!

Download a copy of these instructions to reference when registering! 

Cengage Unlimited

Make the Most of Cengage Unlimited!

Now that you’ve registered, dive in and check out Cengage Unlimited! Take a quick tour to learn how to access more than 22,000 ebooks and study tools—AND your print rental (where eligible) for $7.99 + free shipping for every activated digital course.

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