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Ta-da! iLrn in Blackboard Help Just for You!

Check out this video that spells out what you need to do to register for your course.

Videos not your thing? Keep on scrolling for an easy-to-digest reference you can use when registering!

SSO access screen

Access Your Campus Learning Management System

  • Head to your campus Learning Management System (LMS) home page and log in.
  • Click the link for your course.
  • Click any link to Cengage content* to continue the registration process.

Not sure where to click? Ask your professor or try a few. You'll know you've clicked the right one when you see the Cengage login screen. 

SSO access screen

Create an Account or Log In

First-time users: Click "Create Account" and follow the subsequent prompts.

Returning users: Enter your username and password and click "Log In."

SSO access screen

Get Access to Your Materials

  • If you subscribed to Cengage Unlimited, enter your Access Code and click ‘Go’. 
  • If you purchased a book key, enter that and click ‘Go’. 

You’re All Set!

You now have access to all of your course materials. Go ahead, dive in!

Download a copy of these instructions to reference when registering! 

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