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Ta-da! Diet & Wellness Plus Help Just for You!

Purchase Your Course Materials for Diet and Wellness Plus

Purchase Your Course Materials  

Visit  www.cengage.com and search for Diet and Wellness Plus or search by ISBN (9781285856216 for 6-month access or 9781285856209 for 12 month access). 

  • In the search results select: Diet and Wellness Plus, 1st Edition.  
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase standalone access to Diet and Wellness Plus or to subscribe to Cengage Unlimited.
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Access to Diet & Wellness Plus

If you purchased standalone access to Diet & Wellness Plus:

1. Go to cengage.com/dashboard/#/login and sign into your account.
2. Once logged in, you’ll see your dashboard.
3. If  you purchased Diet & Wellness Plus instant access, it will appear on your dashboard.
4. If you purchased a Printed Access Card, click “Add a course or register a product” and enter the access code from the card here.

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Access DWP via Cengage Unlimited

If you subscribed to Cengage Unlimited:  

1.  Go to www.cengage.com/dashboard/#/login and sign into your account.
2,  Search for your course materials by entering “Diet & Wellness Plus”. 
3.  Scroll down until you see the two options for the Diet & Wellness Plus app.

  • Select ISBN 9781285856216 for 6-month 
  • Or ISBN 9781285856209 for 12-month access. 

3.  Click “Add to My Home”. 
4.  Navigate to “My Home” and click on the tile for “Diet and Wellness Plus” to open the app.

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You’re All Set!

You now have access to all of your course materials. Go ahead, dive in!

Download a copy of these instructions to reference when registering! 

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