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Study guides, solutions manuals and lab manuals are just the beginning of the range of study tools that you'll have access to with CengageBrain. You'll be able to focus, study faster and improve your grades in no time at all.


CengageBrain offers Video Study Tools that are the ideal solution when you're in a rush or missed a lecture. Priced as low as $3 these tools are perfect for self-study and exam review.

Free Resources

CengageBrain offers you free resources that will help you to study smarter with less effort. Designed to accompany your textbooks, this free content, which is different for each title, may include quizzes, learning objectives, flashcards, glossaries and more.


Audio Study Tools allow you to study anywhere, anytime. With access to study aid and review material* you can effectively study on the go. Learning has never been more convenient. And, the best part is, they're available for as little as $1.99

* Audio products are review material not an audio version of the textbook.


Take your learning to another level with easy-to-use, cost effective digital content from CengageBrain. Get access to eBooks, online tools and multimedia solutions that will not only enhance your studies but also allow you to study the way you want to and improve your grades.

Free Resources

free resources - flash cards


They are the fastest and easiest way to learn and remember new information. They condense and simplify information so that you only learn the important facts and ideas, and they're in a format that is easy to read and understand.