Hi, I’m Terrence. I just started my master’s program in African-American Studies. I’m incredibly proud of where I come from, and my goal is to one day help others overcome the stereotypes forced upon them by the media, popular culture, and the mainstream portrayal of history, so that they can feel every bit as proud as I do. I just submitted my official thesis topic last week, but I knew exactly what it would be long before I entered grad school.

Growing up and hearing my parents and grandparents speak about the atrocities and triumphs of the Civil Rights movement, I always longed to know more. At any break in their stories, I would ask question after question. Sometimes, they knew the answers, but, often times, they didn’t. That’s another reason I decided to enhance my learnings at a graduate level, so that when I tell these same stories to my children, I will always have the answers.

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