Reporting from Wuhan: Guangming Daily Coverage of China's Battle against COVID-19, 1st Edition

  • Guangming Daily Wuhan Frontline Reporting Team
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The Chinese New Year of 2020 has left an indelible mark on the minds of millions of Chinese
people. Wuhan, a metropolitan city located strategically in central China and known for
centuries as a major transportation hub, became the epicenter of COVID-19 overnight. The
whole city has since plunged into a tough battle against this mysterious, highly infectious,
and fatal epidemic. Legions of ordinary people—medical workers, volunteers, deliverymen,
construction workers, and so on—have participated in this battle, with many of them
coming from other cities and provinces of the country.
Guangming Daily, one of China’s most read newspapers, dispatched a group of seasoned
journalists to Wuhan shortly after the outbreak of the coronavirus, and has since released
a series of feature articles digging deep into this battle. Reporting from Wuhan collects 17 of
these articles published from January 30 to February 15, 2020, telling the stories of some
of these brave fighters working day and night in various capacities, in a city that has united
and survived in strength and love.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes 31 full-color photographs capturing scenes of China’s fight against COVID-19 mainly in Wuhan from many perspectives;
  • Details the epidemic prevention and control strategies and efforts of the municipal government and local communities;
  • Contains touching, up-close-and-personal interviews with frontline medical workers, patients, volunteers, and ordinary citizens, as well as excerpts from their diaries.

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note
• The Moment of Departure
• The Strength to Fight against the Epidemic
• The Most Admirable People of Our Time
• For the People’s Lives and Health
• Communities: The First Line of Defense
• Attack, and Hunt down the Virus!
• Their Calmness Brings Us Warmth
• My Beloved City Will Heal
• Discharged from Hospital
• The Angels Guarding Us on the Eve of the Lantern Festival
• Leave No One Unattended
• Arks of Life: Delivering Warmth and Love
• Pillars of Strength on the Frontline
• Millions Are United into a Strong Force
• With Joint Efforts, We Are Sure to Triumph
• Willing to Be an Ordinary Hero
• Here Comes the Good News

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Guangming Daily Wuhan Frontline Reporting Team

The Guangming Daily Wuhan Frontline Reporting Team was established on January 27, 2020, and arrived in Wuhan on January 29. The first journalists dispatched were Jin Haotian, Zhang Zheng, and Lu Lu. On February 6, they were joined by Li Shengming and Li Zhengwei. As of February 15, the team has published more than 20 feature articles in the Guangming Daily.