Gun Control, 2017 Edition

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The Information Plus Reference Series provides statistical data on 32 of today's most controversial and most studied social issues. Each Information Plus title is a compilation of current and historical statistics -- with analysis -- on aspects of one contemporary social issue, such as abortion, capital punishment, and genetic engineering. Each title is divided into chapters that are devoted to a particular topic. The text provides a clear and comprehensive summary of up-to-date research on the topic and is interspersed with the statistical tables, charts, and graphs. Each table is directly referred to and carefully explained in the text.

Designed as ready-reference tools, Information Plus titles save researchers and students from the cumbersome task of locating statistics from various sources. Information Plus data are compiled from reports generated by branches of the U.S. government, information collected by major independent polling organizations and authoritative associations, and from professional journals, newspapers, pamphlets, and other reliable sources. With the text presented in an even-handed and unbiased manner, Information Plus is an excellent resource for researchers who want to understand social issues and controversies and draw their own conclusions about them.

Each thoroughly indexed volume provides complete source citations for the statistics, a preface with a section on how to use the book, a directory of pertinent organizations and other resources, and an index.

Volumes in the Information Plus Reference Series are completely revised and updated.

Features and Benefits

  • Updated information on the topic along with tables, charts, and graphs.

What's New

  • Updated content.

Table of Contents

The History of the Right to Bear Arms.
How Many Guns are There, and Who Owns Them?
Firearm Laws, Regulations, and Ordinances.
Court Rulings on Firearms.
Firearms and Crime.
Gun-Related Injuries and Fatalities.
Guns and Youth.
Public Attitudes toward Gun Control.
There Should Be Stricter Gun Control Laws.
There Should Not Be Stricter Gun Control Laws.