A Reader on the Theory of Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, 1st Edition

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A Reader on the Theory of Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the main theoretical developments, ideological guidelines, and national development strategies that had been formulated by the Communist Party of China under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping through Hu Jintao over the past more than three decades of Reform and Opening up in light of China’s basic national conditions and the historical experience of socialist development and modernization. These include the Deng Xiaoping Theory expounding the Four Cardinal Principles and market-oriented reform, the core socialist values, the scientific outlook on development, and the important thought of Three Represents. By putting forth these propositions, adhering to the principles, and implementing the policies delineated in this book, the three generations of CPC leadership hoped to adapt Marxism to China’s actual social and economic conditions, rejuvenate the Chinese nation, and develop China into a modern, moderately prosperous, and harmonious society that is strong, democratic, and politically and culturally advanced.