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The New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2010 focuses on two themes: the Church in modern history and the new Saints and Blesseds. The timeframe of modern history runs from the year 1500 through 2009, with an emphasis on papal reactions to various events such as the American Revolution, World War II, and the War in Iraq. Also included are important themes such as Jewish-Catholic relations and the legal history of Church-State relations in the United States. Biographies of significant historical figures such as Mussolini, Stalin, Charles de Gaulle, and John F. Kennedy round out the historical coverage. The second theme incorporates 200 biographies of Catholics beatified and canonized, chiefly by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. The biographies of these saints and blessed frequently relate to the theme of modern history due to connections with events such as the Spanish Civil War and the anti-Catholic persecutions in Mexico during the 1920s. In all, 525 peer-reviewed, signed entries offer both updates to past NCE articles along with a wealth of new entries.

Features and Benefits

  • Written from a Catholic perspective, each supplement concentrates on a major theme, with Supplement 2010 having the theme: Modern History and the Church.
  • Most of the Beatified are new entries.
  • "Association Copies" Appendix lists books by significant people who have owned them.
  • Photographs illuminate the text.
  • The volume includes a comprehensive index.

What's New

  • 200 entries on the men and women who have been beatified or canonized since 2003.

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  • Casebound Edition

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"This is a comprehensive and timely guide to the old and new challenges and direction of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church at the start of the third Christian millenium." -- ARBA (2002)


"A useful reference 'workhorse,' and this updated content - especially in the area of science - is sorely needed. This resource is recommended for all academic libraries and large public libraries."--Online Journal of the American Theological Library Association December 2009

— Elyse Hayes

Table of Contents

Acosta Zurita, Darío, Bl.
Act of Supremacy (1534).
Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
Action Francaise.
Addai and Mari, Anaphora of.
Adenauer, Konrad.
Adowa, Battle of.
Afterlife: I. Primitive Societies.
Afterlife: II. The Bible.
Afterlife: III. Ancient Greece and Rome.
Afterlife: IV. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Afterlife: V. Persia, India, and China.
Afterlife: VI. Judaism.
Afterlife: VII. Islam.
Afterlife: VIII. Christianity.
Alberione, James, Bl.
Allenby, Edmund.
Allende, Salvador.
Allocution, Papal.
Alpandeire, Leopoldo de, Bl.
Alphonsus de Liguori, St.
Alumbrados (Illuminati).
American Civil War, Papal Stance Toward.
American Revolution, The Catholic Church and.
Anacleto González Flores and Nine Companions, Bb.
Anglicanorum Coetibus.
Anti-Catholicism (United States).
Apostolic Delegate.
Arafat, Yasser.
Arche, L'.
Army of Mary.
Arnáiz Barón, Rafael, St.
Ascensión del Corazón de Jesus, Bl.
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities.
Assumption, Religious of the.
Atomic Energy.
Atomic Weapons "Nuclear," History and Moral Questions Concerning.
Aubert, Roger.
Ave Maria Town, Ave Maria University.
Avenir, L'.
Aviat, Francesca Salesia, St.
Badano, Chiara, Bl.
Baker, David Augustine.
Balicki, Jan (John), Bl.
Baltimore Catechism.
Batiffol, Pierre.
Batthyány-Strattmann, László, Bl.
Beauraing (Belgium), Apparitions of Our Lady of.
Beltrame Quattrocchi, Luigi and Maria Corsini, Bb.
Benedict of Nursia, St.
Benedict XIV-I and Benedict XIV-II, Antipopes.
Benedict XVI, Pope.
Benedictines, Olivetan.
Bergson, Henri Louis.
Berkenbrock, Albertina, Bl.
Bernadette of Lourdes, St.
Bernard of Corleone, St.
Bérulle, Pierre de.
Betancur (Bethancourt), Pedro de San José (Peter of St. Joseph), St.
Beyzym, Jan (John), Bl.
Biraghi, Luigi, Bl.
Bismarck, Otto von.
Black Mass.
Boccardo, Luigi, Bl.
Bonhomme, Pierre, Bl.
Bonifacio (di Pirano), Francesco Giovanni, Bl.
Borgia, Cesare.
Bossilkov, Evgenij, Bl.
Bourget, Ignace.
Boy Scouts.
Boys Town.
Brader, María Caridad, Bl.
Brando, Maria Cristina, Bl.
Buckley Jr., William F.
Bufalo, Gaspare del, St.
Bütler, María Bernarda, St.
Cajetan (Tommaso de Vio).
Call to Action (Conference).
Candelaria of St. Joseph, Bl.
Canonization of Saints (History and Procedure).
Cardinal Newman Society.
Cardinal Secretary of State.
Cardinal Virtues.
Caritas in Veritate.
Carlen, Claudia.
Casey, Solanus.
Cassant, Joseph-Marie, Bl.
Castro, Fidel Ruz.
Catanoso, Gaetano (Cajetan), St.
Catholic Answers.
Catholic League.
Catholic Worker Movement.
Catholic Youth Organization.
Catholic-Muslim Dialogue.
Cavour, Gustavo Benso di.
Celestina of the Mother of God, Bl.
Celibacy, Clerical, History of.
Centurione Bracelli, Virginia, St.
Cerioli, Paola Elisabetta (Costanza), St.
Chappotin de Neuville, Helénè de, Bl.
Charismatic Renewal, Catholic.
Charles of Austria, Bl.
Chavara, Kuriakose (Cyriac) Elias, Bl.
Chichkov, Josaphat, Bl.
Chludzinska v. Borzecka, Celina, Bl.
Church and State in the United States (Legal History).
Church and State in the United States (Legal History): I. Colonial Period (1607–1776).
Church and State in the United States (Legal History): II. The Disestablishment Period (1776–1834).
Church and State in the United States (Legal History): III. Period of Conflict (1834–1900).
Church and State in the United States (Legal History): IV. Search for Solution (1900–2001).
Church and State in the United States (Legal History): V. New Controversies (2001–2009).
Church, History of.
Church, History of: I. Early.
Church, History of: II. Medieval.
Church, History of: III. Early Modern: 1500–1789.
Church, History of: IV. Late Modern: 1789–2009.
Ciszek, Walter J.
Clarke, W. Norris.
Cold War and the Papacy.
Coll y Guitart, Francisco, St.
Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus
Comboni, Daniele, St.
Comensoli, Gertrude Caterina, St.
Communion of Saints.
Concordat with Germany (1933).
Constantinople (Byzantium, Istanbul).
Cope, Marianne, Bl.
Cor Unum.
Corazón Téllez Robles, Matilde del Sagrado, Bl.
Cross, Theology of the.
Cuauhtlatoatzin, Juan Diego, St.
Cuomo, Mario M.
Curci, Carlo Maria.
Curcio, Maria Crocifissa, Bl.
Curran, Charles.
Czartoryski, Augusto, Bl.
da Costa, Alexandrina Maria, Bl.
D'Annunzio, Gabriele.
Daronch, Adílio, Bl.
de Gaulle, Charles.
Democracy, Christian.
Democratic Parties, Christian.
Divine Mercy, Devotion to.
Divine Word, Society of the.
Divini Illius Magistri.
Divinization (Theosis), Doctrine of.
Djidjov, Pavel, Bl.
Donation of Constantine.
Dreyfus Affair.
Duff, Frank.
Dupuis, Jacques.
Durando, Marcantonio, Bl.
Ecclesia de Eucharistia.
Ecclesia Dei Commission.
Education, Catholic (Higher) in the United States.
Education, Catholic (K through 12) in the United States.
Elia di San Clemente, Bl.
Emmerick, Anna Katharina, Bl.
Errico, Gaetano, St.
Escrivá de Balaguer y Albás, Josemaría, St.
Euphrasia of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Bl.
European Union and the Papacy.
Ex Corde Ecclesiae.
Fabris, Eurosia, Bl.
Fawkes, Guy.
Felinski, Zygmunt Szczesny, St.
Felix of Nicosia, St.
Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.
Fernandes, Bartolomeu dei Martiri, Bl.
Filippini, Lucy, St.
Finaly Affair.
Findysz, Wladyslaw (Ladislaus), Bl.
Flesch, Margaret, Bl.
Foucauld, Charles Eugène de, Bl.
498 Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War, Bb.
Francia, Annibale Maria di, St.
Franciscans, Conventual.
Franco, Francisco.
Frassinello, Benedetta Cambiagio, St.
Freinademetz, Joseph, St.
Fusco, Alfonso Maria, Bl.
Fusco, Tommaso Maria, Bl.
Galen, Clemens Augustinus von, Bl.
Gallican Liberties.
Galvão, Anthony of Saint Anne, St.
García Zavala, María Guadalupe, Bl.
Garibaldi, Giuseppe.
Giaccardo, Timoteo, Bl.
Ginard Martí, María De Los Ángeles, Bl.
Giussani, Luigi.
Gojdic, Pavol Peter, Bl.
González, Emmanuel Gómez, Bl.
Good Shepherd, Catechesis of the.
Gorazdowski, Zygmunt, St.
Greeley, Andrew M.
Gregorian Calendar.
Gregorian University.
Guadalupe, Our Lady of.
Guérin, Mother Theodore, St.
Guerrero González, Angela de la Cruz, St.
Guest House.
Guízar Valencia, Rafael, St.
Gutiérrez, Gustavo.
Haddad, Jacques Ghazir, Bl.
Hell (Theology of).
Hell, Harrowing of.
Heresy, History of.
Heresy, History of: I. Early Church.
Heresy, History of: II. Medievil Period.
Heresy, History of: III. Modern Period.
Heresy, History of: IV. After Vatican II.
Higgins, George Gilmary.
Hitler, Adolf.
Holy Cross, Congregation of.
Holy Cross, Congregation of Sisters of the.
Holy Family, Sons of the.
Hopko, Vasil', Bl.
Höss, Crescentia, St.
Houben, Charles of Mount Argus, St.
Humilis de Bisignano, St.
Hurtado Cruchaga, Alberto, St.
Ignatius of Santhià, St.
International Theological Commission.
Iraq, War in (Catholic Church and).
Irish Nationalism and the Papacy.
Irwa, Jildo, Bl.
Izquierdo Albero, María del Pilar, Bl.
Jacinto de los Ángeles and Juan Bautista, Bb.
Jägerstätter, Franz, Bl.
Jaki, Stanley.
Janssen, Arnold, St.
Jerusalem, Latin Patriarchate of.
Jewish-Catholic Relations (Public).
Jewish-Catholic Relations (Theological Dimensions of).
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the.
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the: I. Roman and Byzantine Period (67–622).
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the: II. Islamic Period (622–1096).
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the: III. Period of the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition (1096–1492).
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the: IV Period of the Renaissance and Reformation (1492–1650).
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the: V. Beginning of the Modern Era (1650–1750).
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the: VI. Emancipation (1750–1948).
Jews, Post-Biblical History of the: VII. Contemporary History (1948–2009).
José Aparicio Sanz and 232 Companions, Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War, Bb.
Joseph Tàpies and Six Companions, Bb.
Jugan, Jeanne, St.
Justification, Joint Declaration on.
Justo de Oliveira, Lindalva, Bl.
Klopotowski, Ignatius, Bl.
Kung, Hans.
Kassab, Nimatullah Al-Hardini Yousef, St.
Kazimierczyk, Stanislaw Yousef, St.
Kennedy Family.
Kennedy, John F.
Kilmartin, Edward J.
Knights of Columbus.
Laghi, Pio.
Lambeth Articles.
League of Nations and the Papacy.
Ledóchowska, Maria Teresa, Bl.
Ledóchowska, Urszula (Ursula), St.
Ledóchowski, Wladimir.
Legion of Decency.
Lincoln, Abraham.
Little Brothers of Jesus.
Little Missionary Sisters of Charity.
Little Sisters of the Poor.
Liviero, Carlo (Charles), Bl.
Lluch, Juana María Condesa, Bl.
Longhin, Andrew (Andrea) Hyacinth, Bl.
López de Maturana, Margarita María, Bl.
Lozano Garrido, Manuel, Bl.
Ludovica De Angelis, Maria, Bl.
Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary.
Mandatum, Academic.
Manganiello, Teresa, Bl.
Mantovani, Maria Domenica, Bl.
Manyanet y Vives, José (Joseph), St.
Marconi, Guglielmo.
Marello, Giuseppe (Joseph), St.
Maria Candida of the Eucharist, Bl.
María del Carmen of the Child Jesus, Bl.
María del Tránsito de Jesus Sacramentado, Bl.
Maria Giuseppina of Jesus Crucified, Bl.
Maria Maddalena della Passion, Bl.
Maria of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Bl.
Maria Teresa of Jesus, Bl.
Maria Teresa of St. Joseph, Bl.
Marian Fathers.
Marianites of Holy Cross.
Mariano de la Mata Aparicio, Bl.
Marie-Céline de la Présentation, Bl.
Mark of Aviano, Bl.
Markiewicz, Bronislaw, Bl.
Martillo Morán, Narcisa de Jesus, St.
Martin, Louis, Bl.
Martin, Marie-Zélie Guérin, Bl.
Marvelli, Alberto, Bl.
Mary (and Ecumenical Dialogue).
Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation, Bl.
Mary, Blessed Virgin (in the Bible).
Mary, Blessed Virgin (in Theology).
Mary, Blessed Virgin (in Theology): I. Holiness of Mary.
Mary, Blessed Virgin (in Theology): II. Knowledge and Faith of Mary.
Mary, Blessed Virgin (in Theology): III. Mary and the Church.
Mary, Blessed Virgin (in Theology): IV. Mediatrix of All Graces.
Mary, Blessed Virgin (in Theology): V. Spiritual Maternity of Mary.
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Devotion to.
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Papal Magisterium since Vatican II on.
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Queenship of.
Mastena, Maria Pia, Bl.
Mattias, Maria de, St.
Mazzini, Giuseppe.
McManus, Frederick.
Meneguzzi, Liduina, Bl.
Merkert, Maria Luisa, Bl.
Merz, Ivan, Bl.
Milleret, Marie Eugenie of Jesus, St.
Missionaries of Charity.
Missionaries of Charity Fathers.
Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver.
Mit Brennender Sorge.
Molla, Gianna (Joan) Beretta, St.
Monasticism: I. Early Christian Monasticism (to 600).
Monasticism: II. Medieval Monasticism (600–1500).
Monasticism: III. Modern Monasticism (1500–1960).
Monasticism: IV. Contemporary Monasticism (1960–2009).
Monasticism: V. Eastern Monasticism until 1453.
Monasticism: VI. Eastern Monasticism since 1453.
Monti, Luigi Maria, Bl.
Montoya, Laura, Bl.
Monza, Luigi, Bl.
More, Sir Thomas, St.
Moreau, Basil Anthony, Bl.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Bl.
Mussolini, Benito.
Muttathupandathu, Alphonsa, St.
Namuncurá, Zepherin, Bl.
Nantes, Edict of.
Nardini, Paul Josef, Bl.
NATO, Papal Reaction to.
Nazism, Papal Response to.
Neoscholasticism and Neothomism.
New Age Movement, The Catholic Church and.
Nicoli, Giuseppina, Bl.
Non Licet.
Nouwen, Henri Jozef Machiel.
Oblates of St. Joseph.
Okelo, Daudi, Bl.
Opus Dei.
Orione, Luigi (Louis), St.
Orozco, Alfonso de, St.
Ortiz Real, Piedad de la Cruz, Bl.
Otranto (Italy), Martyrs of.
Our Lady of All Nations.
Owens, Joseph.
Palestine, Papal Position Toward.
Palomino Yenes, Eusebia, Bl.
Papal Elections.
Papczynski, Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary, Bl.
Paquay, Valentin, Bl.
Pauline Fathers and Brothers.
Pavoni, Lodovico, Bl.
Pelczar, Józef Sebastian, St.
Pellesi, Maria Rosa, Bl.
Pereira, Nuno de Santa Maria álvares, St.
Pérez, Leonardo, Bl.
Peron, Juan Domingo.
Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Nuns of the.
Peter Kibe Kasui and 187 companions, Martyrs of Nagasaki (Japan), Bb.
Petkovic, Maria of Jesus Crucified, Bl.
Pianzola, Francesco, Bl.
Picco, Eugenia, Bl.
Pidal y Chico de Guzmán, María Maravillas de Jesus Battista, St.
Pilsudski, Jozef.
Pius XII, Pope.
Polanyi, Michael.
Poloni, Vincenza Maria, Bl.
Pope John Paul II Cultural Center.
Portillo, Alvaro del.
Poveda Castroverde, Pedro, St.
Praeter Intentionem.
Preca, George, St.
Precious Blood Sisters.
Precious Blood Sisters: I. Adorers of the Blood of Christ.
Precious Blood Sisters: II. Sisters of the Most Precious Blood.
Precious Blood Sisters: III. Sisters of the Precious Blood.
Protoevangelium of James.
Rangel, José Trinidad, Bl.
Ravasco, Eugenia, Bl.
Redemption (Theology of).
Reggio, Tommaso, Bl.
Rendu, Rosalie, Bl.
Ressourcement Theology.
Rita Amada de Jesus, Bl.
Rodríguez Castro, Bonifacia, Bl.
Rodríguez Sopena, María Dolores, Bl.
Roma (Gypsies).
Romero Meneses, María, Bl.
Rosal Vásquez, María Vicente, Bl.
Rosmini-Serbati, Antonio, Bl.
Rubio y Peralta, José María, St.
Sacramentine Sisters of Bergamo.
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Congregation of the.
Saints and Blesseds.
Salazar, António de Oliveira.
Salkaházi, Sára, Bl.
Salvation, Necessity of the Church for.
Sartre, Jean-Paul.
Schelingová, Zdenka Cecilia, Bl.
Seminary Education.
Shroud of Turin.
Simon (Szymon) of Lipnica, St.
Sin (Theology of).
Sister Churches.
Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods.
Slavery: I. (in the Bible).
Slavery: II. (and the Church).
Slavery: III. (History of).
Smaldone, Filippo Mariano, St.
Society for Catholic Liturgy.
Society of Catholic Social Scientists.
Solá y Molist, Andrés, Bl.
Sons of Divine Providence.
Sopoko, Michal, Bl.
Spain (The Church during the Spanish Republic and the Civil War: 1931-1939).
Spoto, Francesco, Bl.
St. John the Baptist, Sisters of.
Stalin, Josef.
States of the Church.
Stein, Edith (Teresa Benedicta of the Cross), St.
Stenmanns, Josepha Hendrina, Bl.
Sterni, Gaetana, Bl.
Suárez, Francisco.
Suriano, Giuseppina, Bl.
Szymkowiak, Sancja (Santia), Bl.
Tadini, Arcángelo, St.
Talamoni, Luigi, Bl.
Taparelli D’Azeglio, Luigi.
Taparelli D’Azeglio, Massimo.
Tarrés i Claret, Pere (Peter), Bl.
Tavernier Gamelin, émilie, Bl.
Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre.
Teresian Association.
Thérèse de Lisieux, St.
Theurgy, Doctrine of.
Thevarparampil, Augustino, Bl.
Toleration Acts of 1639 and 1649, Maryland.
Tolomei, Bernard, St.
Torres Morales, Genoveva, St.
Tous y Soler, José, Bl.
Tovini, Moses, Bl.
Trcka, Metod Dominik, Bl.
Üffing, Maria Euthymia (Emma), Bl.
Valdés, José Olallo, Bl.
Valle, Giulia Nemesia, Bl.
van Lieshout, Eustáquio, Bl.
Vanier, Jean.
Variara, Luigi, Bl.
Venerini Sisters.
Venerini, Rose, St.
Veuster, Joseph de (Fr. Damien), St.
Vigne, Peter, Bl.
Visintainer, Amabile Lucia, St.
Vitchev, Kamen, Bl.
Volpicelli, Caterina, St.
Waldheim, Kurt.
Wiecka, Marta Maria, Bl.
Willebrands, Johannes.
World War I, Papal Reaction to.
World War II and the Papal Role.
Zatti, Artemide, Bl.
Zegrí y Moreno, Juan Nepomuceno, Bl.