Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, 1st Edition

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  • Xiao Hong Lee
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  • Original Copyright 2007 | Published/Released October 2009
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This new volume of the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women spans more than 2,000 years from antiquity to the early seventh century. It recovers the stories of more than 200 women, nearly all of them unknown in the West. The contributors have sifted carefully through the available sources, from the oracle bones to the earliest legends, from Liu Xiang's didactic Biographies to official and unofficial histories, for glimpses and insights into the lives of women. Empresses and consorts, nuns and shamans, women of notoriety or exemplary virtue, women of daring and women of artistic or scholarly accomplishment--all are to be found here. The editors have assembled the stories of women high born and low, representing the full range of female endeavor. The biographies are organized alphabetically within three historical groupings, to give some context to lives lived in changing circumstances over two millennia. A glossary, a chronology, and a finding list that identifies women of each period by background or field of endeavor are also provided.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Other Frontmatter.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Editors’ Note.
Guide to Chinese Words Used.
Chronology of Dynasties and Major Rulers.
Finding List by Background or Fields of Endeavor.
1: Biographies.
2: Antiquity Through Zhou.
3: The Abiding Wet Nurse of Wei.
4: Ai Jiang, Wife of Duke Zhuang of Lu.
5: Bao Si, Wife of King You of Zhou.
6: Bo Ji, Wife of Duke Gong of Song.
7: Bo Ying, Wife of King Ping of Chu.
8: The Bow Artisan of Jin’s Wife.
9: The Crone of Quwo of Wei.
10: Dazi of Tao’s Wife.
11: Ding Jiang, Wife of Duke Ding of Wei.
12: The Discerning Woman of the Chu Wilds.
13: Duke Mu of Xu’s Wife.
14: Duke Zhuang of Li’s Wife.
15: Ehuang and Nüying.
16: Fan Ji, Wife of King Zhuang of Chu.
17: Foxi of Zhao’s Mother.
18: Fu Zi, the Shang Woman Warrior.
19: Gao Xing, a Widow in Liang.
20: The General of Gai’s Wife.
21: General Zhao Gua’s Mother.
22: The Goiter Girl of Qi, Wife of King Min.
23: Gongcheng of Lu’s Elder Sister.
24: Han’e.
25: The Instructress for the Daughter of Qi.
26: Jiandi.
27: Jiang, Queen of King Xuan of Zhou.
28: Jiang Yi of Chu’s Mother.
29: The Jiang-Clan Woman of Qi, Wife of Duke Wen of Jin.
30: Ji-Clan Woman, Wife of Duke Mu of Qin.
31: Jieyu’s Wife and the Wife of Yuling Zizhong of Chu.
32: Jing, Concubine of Minister Guan Zhong of Qi.
33: Jing, Daughter of Shanghuai Yan of Qi.
34: Jing Jiang.
35: Juan, Daughter of an Official of the Ford of Zhao.
36: The Kind Mother of the Mang Family of Wei.
37: Kong Bo Ji.
38: Lao Laizi’s Wife.
39: Li Ji, Wife of Duke Xian of Jin.
40: Liuxia Hui’s Wife.
41: The Loyal Maid of Zhu of Zhou.
42: The Man of Cai’s Wife.
43: The Man-Clan Woman of Deng, Wife of King Wu of Chu.
44: Meixi.
45: Mencius’s Mother.
46: Meng Ji, Wife of Duke Xiao of Qi.
47: Meng Jiangnü.
48: The Mother Teacher of Lu.
49: Mu Jiang, Wife of Duke Xuan of Lu.
50: Nanzi, Wife of Duke Ling of Wei.
51: Nü Wa.
52: Nüzong, the Wife of Baosu of Song.
53: The Official from Zhounan’s Wife.
54: Pure Jiang, Wife of King Zhao of Chu.
55: Qian Lou of Lu’s Wife.
56: The Qishi Woman of Lu.
57: Qiu Hu’s Wife, the Pure Woman.
58: Queen Mother of the West.
59: The Righteous Nurse of Duke Xiao of Lu.
60: Righteous Respected Female Elder of Lu.
61: The Righteous Stepmother of Qi.
62: Ruji.
63: The Shaonan Woman of Shen.
64: Shu Ji.
65: Sunshu Ao’s Mother.
66: Tai Jiang.
67: Tai Ren.
68: Tai Si, Wife of King Wen of Zhou.
69: Tao Ying, a Widow in Lu.
70: Tian Ji of Qi’s Mother.
71: The Tushan Woman.
72: The Virgin of Egu.
73: Wei Ji, Wife of Duke Huan of Qi.
74: Wen Jiang, Wife of Duke Huan of Lu.
75: The Widow of Wei.
76: The Wife of the Chariot Driver for Yanzi, Minister of Qi.
77: The Xi Clan Head’s Wife.
78: Xi Shi.
79: Xu Wu of Qi.
80: Xuan Jiang, Wife of Duke Xuan of Wei.
81: Ying, Wife of Duke Huai of Jin.
82: Yu Ji, Wife of King Wei of Qi.
83: Yue Ji, Wife of King Zhao of Chu.
84: The Yue Woman.
85: Zang Sun of Lu’s Mother.
86: Zhao, Wife of the King of Dai.
87: Zheng Mao, Wife of King Cheng of Chu.
88: Zhong Zi, Wife of Duke Ling of Qi.
89: Zhongli Chun of Qi, Wife of King Xuan of Qi.
90: Zhuang Zhi, Wife of King Qingxiang of Chu.
91: Qin Through Han.
92: Ban Jieyu, Concubine of Emperor Cheng.
93: Ban Zhao.
94: Bo, Concubine of Emperor Gaozu.
95: Bo, Empress of Emperor Jing.
96: Cai Yan.
97: Cao Jie, Empress of Emperor Xian.
98: Chen Jiao, Empress of Emperor Wu.
99: Chen Siqian.
100: Chen Ying’s Mother.
101: Chunyu Tiying.
102: Deng Mengnü, Empress of Emperor Huan.
103: Deng Sui, Empress of Emperor He.
104: Diao Chan.
105: Dou, Empress of Emperor Zhang.
106: Dou Miao, Empress of Emperor Huan.
107: Dou Yifang, Empress of Emperor Wen.
108: Feng, Concubine of Emperor Yuan.
109: Feng Liao.
110: The Filial Widow from Chen.
111: Fu, Concubine of Emperor Yuan.
112: Fu Shou, Empress of Emperor Xian.
113: Gongsun Shu’s Wife.
114: Guo Shengtong, Empress of Emperor Guangwu.
115: Hua Rong, Consort of Prince of Yanla.
116: Huan, Liu Changqing’s Wife.
117: Huangfu Gui’s Wife.
118: Huo Chengjun, Empress of Emperor Xuan.
119: Li, Concubine of Emperor Wu.
120: Li Mujiang.
121: Liang Na, Empress of Emperor Shun.
122: Liang Nüying, Empress of Emperor Huan.
123: Liu Jieyou.
124: Liu Lanzhi.
125: Liu Piao, the Grand Princess.
126: Liu Xijun.
127: Liu Yuan.
128: Liyu.
129: Lü Xu.
130: Lü Zhi, Empress of Emperor Gaozu.
131: Lü’s Mother.
132: Ma, Empress of Emperor Ming.
133: Meng Guang.
134: Mother Piao.
135: Qi, Concubine of Emperor Gaozu.
136: Qing, the Widow from Bashu.
137: Shangguan, Empress of Emperor Zhao.
138: Shen, Concubine of Emperor Wen.
139: Sima, Yang Chang’s Wife.
140: Sun Shou.
141: Tang, Consort of Prince Hongnong.
142: Tangshan, Concubine of Emperor Gaozu.
143: Two Honorable Women from Zhuya.
144: Two Obedient Women of the Wei Ancestral Temple.
145: Wang Ba’s Wife.
146: Wang, Empress of Emperor Ping.
147: Wang, Empress of Emperor Xuan.
148: Wang, Empress of Wang Mang of Xin.
149: Wang Ling’s Mother.
150: Wang Wengxu.
151: Wang Zhang’s Wife.
152: Wang Zhaojun.
153: Wang Zhengjun, Empress of Emperor Yuan.
154: Wang Zhi, Empress of Emperor Jing.
155: Wei Zifu, Empress of Emperor Wu.
156: Wen Jijiang.
157: The Woman of Integrity from the Capital.
158: Xu Deng.
159: Xu, Empress of Emperor Cheng.
160: Xu Pingjun, Empress of Emperor Xuan.
161: Xu Shu.
162: Yan Ming.
163: Yan Yannian’s Mother.
164: Yin Lihua, Empress of Emperor Guangwu.
165: Youdi.
166: Yu, Consort of the Hegemon-King of Chu.
167: Yue Yangzi’s Wife.
168: Zhang Lu’s Mother.
169: Zhang Tang’s Mother.
170: Zhang Yan, Empress of Emperor Hui.
171: Zhao E.
172: Zhao Feiyan, Empress of Emperor Cheng.
173: Zhao Gouyi, Concubine of Emperor Wu.
174: Zhao Hede, Concubine of Emperor Cheng.
175: Zhao Ji.
176: The Zheng Sisters.
177: Zhou Qing, the Filial Woman of Donghai.
178: Zhu Maichen’s Wife.
179: Zhuo Wenjun.
180: Three Kingdoms Through Sui.
181: An Lingshou.
182: Bao Linghui.
183: Baoxian.
184: Bian, Wife of Cao Cao, King of Wei.
185: Bu, Consort of Sun Quan.
186: Daoqiong.