Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow: Volume 7 (1904–1906): China & Japan

  • Shinichi Miyazawa
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Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843–1929) was a legendary British diplomat, a key figure in East Asia and Anglo–Japanese/Chinese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu (1853–1867) and Meiji Era Japan (1868–1912), and in China after the Boxer Rebellion (1900–1906). He also served in Siam (present-day Thailand), Uruguay and Morocco, and represented Britain at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907. This transcribed and annotated collection is based on the microfilm copies from the UK National Archives, consisting of Satow’s diaries and travel journals that cover a period of over forty-five years (1861–1906). Volume 7 covers the period of 1904–1906 he spent in China (January 1904–May 1906), and Japan (May–June 1906).