The Civil Rights Movement in America: From Black Nationalism to the Women's Political Council, 1st Edition

  • Peter B. Levy
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  • ISBN-10: 1610697626
  • ISBN-13: 9781610697620
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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
  • 427 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2015 | Published/Released January 2016
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This single volume encyclopedia not only provides accessible A–Z entries about the well-known people and events of the Civil Rights Movement but also offers coverage of lesser-known contributors to the movement's overall success and outcomes. Aimed at high school readers, this comprehensive work provides both authoritative ready reference and curricular content presented in a lively and accessible format that will support inquiry, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the importance of the time period.

Table of Contents

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1: Abernathy, Ralph David._x000D_
2: Affirmative Action._x000D_
3: Albany, Georgia Movement._x000D_
4: Ali, Muhammad._x000D_
5: Anderson, William G.._x000D_
6: Baker, Ella._x000D_
7: Baldwin, James._x000D_
8: Baraka, Amiri._x000D_
9: Bates, Daisy._x000D_
10: Belafonte, Harry._x000D_
11: Bethune, Mary McLeod._x000D_
12: Bevel, James._x000D_
13: Birmingham Campaign._x000D_
14: Black Arts Movement._x000D_
15: Black Nationalism._x000D_
16: Black Panther Party._x000D_
17: Black Power._x000D_
18: Black Power Salute at the 1968 Olympics._x000D_
19: Bloody Sunday._x000D_
20: Bombingham._x000D_
21: Brown, Elaine._x000D_
22: Brown, H. Rap._x000D_
23: Brown v. Board of Education._x000D_
24: Bunche, Ralph._x000D_
25: Busing._x000D_
26: Carmichael, Stokely._x000D_
27: Chicago Campaign._x000D_
28: Chisholm, Shirley._x000D_
29: Civil Rights Act of 1960._x000D_
30: Civil Rights Act of 1964._x000D_
31: Civil Rights Act of 1968._x000D_
32: Clark, Septima._x000D_
33: Cleaver, Eldridge._x000D_
34: Cleaver, Kathleen Neal._x000D_
35: Cointelpro._x000D_
36: Cold War and Civil Rights._x000D_
37: Congress of Racial Equality._x000D_
38: Council of Federated Organizations._x000D_
39: Davis, Angela._x000D_
40: Deacons for Defense and Justice._x000D_
41: Du Bois, W. E. B.._x000D_
42: Evers, Medgar._x000D_
43: Farrakhan, Louis._x000D_
44: Faubus, Orval Eugene._x000D_
45: Forman, James._x000D_
46: Freedom Rides._x000D_
47: Freedom Schools._x000D_
48: Garvey, Marcus._x000D_
49: Gray, Fred._x000D_
50: Hamer, Fannie Lou._x000D_
51: Hampton, Fred._x000D_
52: Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited (HARYOU)._x000D_
53: Height, Dorothy._x000D_
54: Houston, Charles Hamilton._x000D_
55: Jackson, Jesse._x000D_
56: Jim Crow._x000D_
57: Johnson, Lyndon B.._x000D_
58: Kennedy, John F.._x000D_
59: Kennedy, Robert F.._x000D_
60: Kerner Commission Report._x000D_
61: King, Coretta Scott._x000D_
62: King, Martin Luther, Jr.._x000D_
63: Lafayette, Bernard._x000D_
64: Last Poets._x000D_
65: Lawson, James._x000D_
66: League of Revolutionary Black Workers._x000D_
67: Levison, Stanley._x000D_
68: Lewis, John._x000D_
69: Lewis, Rufus._x000D_
70: Little Rock Nine._x000D_
71: Long Hot Summer Riots, 1965–1967._x000D_
72: Lorraine Motel._x000D_
73: Los Angeles Riot of 1965._x000D_
74: Lowndes County Freedom Organization._x000D_
75: Malcolm X._x000D_
76: March on Washington._x000D_
77: Marshall, Thurgood._x000D_
78: Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike._x000D_
79: Meredith, James._x000D_
80: Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party._x000D_
81: Mississippi Freedom Summer._x000D_
82: Montgomery Bus Boycott._x000D_
83: Moses, Robert._x000D_
84: Motley, Constance Baker._x000D_
85: MOVE Bombing._x000D_
86: NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund._x000D_
87: Nash, Diane._x000D_
88: Nation of Islam._x000D_
89: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People._x000D_
90: Newton, Huey P.._x000D_
91: Nixon, E. D.._x000D_
92: Operation Breadbasket._x000D_
93: Orangeburg Massacre of 1968._x000D_
94: Organization of Afro-American Unity._x000D_
95: Parks, Rosa._x000D_
96: Peck, James._x000D_
97: Poor People's Campaign._x000D_
98: Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr.._x000D_
99: Radio Free Dixie (1962)._x000D_
100: Randolph, A. Philip._x000D_
101: Ray, James Earl._x000D_
102: Reeb, James._x000D_
103: Revolutionary Action Movement._x000D_
104: Richardson, Gloria._x000D_
105: Robeson, Paul._x000D_
106: Robinson, Jackie._x000D_
107: Robinson, Jo Ann._x000D_
108: Rustin, Bayard._x000D_
109: Seale, Bobby._x000D_
110: Selma March._x000D_
111: Sharpton, Al._x000D_
112: Shuttlesworth, Fred._x000D_
113: Sit-In Movement._x000D_
114: Sixteenth Street Baptist Church._x000D_
115: Southern Christian Leadership Conference._x000D_
116: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee._x000D_
117: Students for a Democratic Society._x000D_
118: Till, Emmett._x000D_
119: Voter Education Project._x000D_
120: Voting Rights Act of 1965._x000D_
121: Walker, Wyatt._x000D_
122: War on Poverty._x000D_
123: Wells-Barnett, Ida B.._x000D_
124: White Citizens' Council._x000D_
125: Wilkins, Roy._x000D_
126: Williams, Hosea._x000D_
127: Williams, Robert F.._x000D_
128: Women's Political Council of Montgomery._x000D_
Primary Documents._x000D_
From President' Committee on Civil Rights, To Secure These Rights (1947)._x000D_
FBI Investigation of Malcolm X (1953–1964)._x000D_
Brown v. Board of Education (1954)._x000D_
From “The Southern Manifesto: Declaration of Constitutional Principles” (1956)._x000D_
From President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Radio and Television “Address to the American People on the Situation in Little Rock” (September 24, 1957)._x000D_
Jackie Robinson: Letter to President Kennedy (1961)._x000D_
From John F. Kennedy, “Address on Civil Rights” (June 11, 1963)._x000D_
George Wallace: Inaugural Address (1963)._x000D_
Civil Rights Act (1964)._x000D_
From Fannie Lou Hamer, “Testimony before the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention,” Atlantic City, New Jersey (1964)._x000D_
Lyndon B. Johnson: Voting Rights Speech (1965)._x000D_
Arthur Fletcher, “Remarks on the Philadelphia Plan” (1969)._x000D_
About the Editor._x000D_