Worldmark Chronology of the Nations: Asia, 1st Edition

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Placing political, social, cultural and economic events in an integrated worldwide timeframe is a difficult task. The 4-vol. Worldmark Chronology of the Nations offers the perspective necessary to understand how people and events influence the evolution of nations.

Offering comprehensive overviews and detailed timelines of 194 nations with coverage of political, economic, cultural and social history, Worldmark Chronology of the Nations is more than a simple timeline. It provides in-depth, cross-disciplinary essays, biographies, primary document excerpts, term definitions, bibliographies, further reading and much more.

Entries profiling events, people and places range from 50 to 250 words, while overview essays on regions and nations run one to two pages. Along with appoximately 125 photographs and maps, each volume includes a graphical timeline that integrates the historical highlights from all countries, glossary, bibliographies for each country and an appendix of excerpts from primary documents. A subject index for each volume points researchers to terms, theories, practices, people, organizations and publications mentioned in the text.


Starred review: "This book provides a worldwide view of political, social, cultural, and economic events and how these interacted and influenced the evolution of nations. This title is a valuable reference tool for high school students, especially those studying world history and cultures. It is a good companion to the Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. Recommended." -- The Book Report (May/June 2000)

— Anette Thibodeaux

"Coverage is comprehensive. … Both H.E.L. Mellersh's … and the Simon & Schuster chronologies … lack the geographical arrangement, maps, photographs, and narrative that make Worldmark so unique. … Recommended for large school, public, and academic libraries." -- CHOICE (June 2000)

— P. Flaherty

"The double-column page layout is open, clear, and approachable, and entries are enhanced by a judicious use of black-and-white photographs as well as ... maps. The large, sturdily bound volumes lie open satisfactorily, facilitating note taking. The expository writing is very dry but entirely lucid, making for a text that is easy for high-school and college users to comprehend. Will be useful in high-school, public, and academic libraries, especially where its sister sets, Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life and Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations are popular." -- RBB/Booklist (03/15/00)

— P. Flaherty

"This set encapsulate the histories of 192 nations." -- School Library Journal (May 2000)

— P. Flaherty