Consumer Sourcebook, 30th Edition

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Consumer Sourcebook provides a comprehensive digest of accessible resources and advisory information for the American consumer. Each edition identifies and describes more than 24,000 programs and services available to the general public at little or no cost. These services are provided by federal, state, county, and local governments and their agencies as well as by organizations and associations. Consumer affairs and customer services departments for corporations are also listed, as well as related publications, multimedia products, general tips and recommendations for consumers.

Features and Benefits

  • Seventeen subject chapters cover the full range of consumer interests, from automotive matters to food and drugs, credit and personal finance to environmental concerns, and insurance to government performance.
  • Subject indexing allows the user to access information for special categories of consumers, such as the aging, children, the disabled, and veterans, and offers hundreds of subject terms relevant to all consumers.
  • In addition, the Consumer Tips section offers immediate guidance on a variety of consumer concerns.

What's New

  • Informative summary of pet health insurance, as well as tips when shopping for pet health insurance policies, within the Consumer Tips section, along with insurance provider entries in the Insurance chapter.

Table of Contents

User's Guide.
Chapter Descriptions.
Consumer Tips.
Geographical Abbreviations.
1. General Consumerism.
2. Automotive Matters.
3. Credit and Personal Finance.
4. Education.
5. Employment.
6. Environmental Concerns.
7. Food and Drugs.
8. Government Performance.
9. Health Care and Promotion.
10. Insurance.
11. Legal Affairs.
12. Manufactured Goods and Product Safety.
13. Mass Communications.
14. Real Estate and Construction.
15. Retail and Commercial Concerns.
16. Transportation and Travel.
17. Utilities.
Appendix 1: Hotlines and Clearinghouses.
Appendix 2: Testing Laboratories.
Index to Consumer Information Sources.