FBI File on Malcolm X

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Please Note: This file supersedes the 2-roll Malcolm X: FBI Surveillance File, published by Scholarly Resources in 1978. If you purchased the 2-roll collection, please contact us for special ordering information.

Approximately 9,000 pages of documents have been released since the original file was published, including memoranda from the FBI and its Special Agents in Charge, from 1953 to 1971. Memoranda are supplemented by telegrams, teletyped messages, and newspaper clippings concerning Malcolm X's activities from his release from prison until his assassination in 1965. This new file documents his involvement on behalf of the Nation of Islam, his relationship with the Socialist Workers Party and the May 2nd Committee, newspaper articles relating to Malcolm X, his break with Elijah Muhammad, his establishment of the Muslim Mosque, Inc., his founding of the Organization of Afro-American Unity, and memos about the motion picture on Malcolm X.

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