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Find biographical information on more than 149,000 modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction writers, journalists and scriptwriters. Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, biographical and critical sources, authors' comments, and informative essays about their lives and work. A softcover cumulative index is published twice per year (included in subscription).

Features and Benefits

  • Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, adaptations, biographical and critical sources, and informative essays about authors’ lives and works.
  • The series also includes select number of autobiographical essays, about 10,000 words in length, written by the authors themselves and accompanied by a selection of unique family photos.
  • Softcover cumulative index published twice per year (included in subscription) contains references to all entries in the series as well as in other Gale literature reference works.

What's New

  • All entries in this volume are new to the series (See Table of Contents for listing.)

Alternate Formats

  • Casebound Edition

    ISBN-10: 1410311295 | ISBN-13: 9781410311290

Table of Contents

CA Numbering System and Volume Update Chart.
Authors and Media People Featured in the Volume.
Author Listings.
Abirached, Zeina 1981-.
Arvedlund, Erin.
Baram, Marcus.
Barreto, Matt A. 1976-.
Bass, Alexis.
Bergin, Virginia.
Bloomston, Carrie 1972-.
Brissett, Jennifer Marie.
Brunelle, Lynn.
Camp, Stacey Lynn.
Chawla, Muhammad Iqbal.
Chrusciel, Ewa 1972-.
Clarke, Roger.
Corp, Carey.
Curzon, Susan Carol 1947-.
Davis, Brent 1959-.
Davis, Wendy 1963-.
Deardorff, Julianna.
Denny-Brown, Andrea.
Deurlein, Rebecca.
Dunn, Patricia.
Durkin, Andrew.
Eyal, Nir.
Fairweather, Jack.
Fearon, Scott.
Feldman, Glenn 1962-.
Fernández Pintado, Mylene 1963-.
Field, Sean L. 1970-.
Forrest, Bonny J.
Foss, Richard.
Fox, Alan C.
Francis, Gabrielle.
Frank, Caroline.
Freymann, Sarah Jane.
Gallaher, John 1965-.
Gavron, Assaf 1968-.
Gehr, Richard 1954-.
Geiger, Roger L. 1943-.
Gill, Joel Christian.
Gonzales, Alberto R. 1955-.
Gosling, Sharon.
Greenspan, Louise.
Groh, Jennifer M. 1966-.
Gruen, J. Philip 1969-.
Guglielmo, Frank.
Gwynne, N. M.
Haddick, Robert.
Halfon, Eduardo 1971-.
Hallett, Christine E.
Harmon, Joshua 1971-.
Harris, Eugene E.
Heiny, Katherine.
Hogan, Phil 1955-.
Horowitz, Merle 1952-.
Horvat, Srecko 1983-.
Hosie, Donna.
Ivereigh, Austen 1966-.
Izenberg, Jerry 1930-.
Jaeckel, Jenny.
James, E L 1963-.
Jamieson, Alexandra 1975-.
Jones, Adam James.
Kahaney, Amelia.
Kaiser, Alan 1965-.
Kaldellis, Anthony 1971-.
Khetarpal, Roma.
Kidd, Christy.
Kidd, Mark.
King, Maggie 1950-.
Klein, Joel I. 1946-.
Knobler, Claude.
Kondo, Marie 1985(?)-.
Kostyal, K. M. 1951-.
Krien, Daniela 1975-.
Kristjansson, Snorri 1974-.
Lackey, Jill Florence 1944(?)-.
LaCombe, Michael A.
Langdon, Lorie.
Lawler, Andrew 1961-.
Leake, Jessica.
Leaver, Trisha.
Leovy, Jill.
Levoy, Gregg 1955-.
Lewis, Darrell.
Lin-Greenberg, Karin.
Lipp, Kathi 1967-.
Lipton, Sara 1962-.
Lovejoy, Sharon 1945-.
Lowell, Jax Peters.
Macallister, Greer.
Magee, Tony.
Manaster, Tracy.
Martin, Lerone A.
Martinez, J. Michael 1978-.
Massey, Joseph.
Maxwell, Lisa 1979-.
McBee, Thomas Page.
McDermott, Bill 1961-.
McKinley, Christine.
Michals, Duane 1932-.
Middleton, J. Richard 1955-.
Mills, J. A.
Milton, Nina.
Moreira, Peter 1960-.
Moten, Matthew 1960-.
Mukherjee, Neel 1970-.
Munroe, Randall 1984-.
Murphy, R. Taggart.
Nair, Prakash.
Nehme, Farran Smith.
Nichols, Amy K.
Nicolaides, Demetris.
Niven, David 1971-.
Nye, Peter Joffre 1947-.
Ortberg, Mallory 1986-.
Page, Ken 1956-.
Paine, Crispin 1942-.
Palmer, Amanda 1976-.
Palsule, Sudhanshu.
Parham, Kevin.
Parker, Jackie.
Parker, Matt 1980(?)-.
Pashman, Dan.
Phillips, Denise 1974-.
Pierce, Thomas 1982-.
Pines, Yuri 1964-.
Pitcher, Chelsea.
Power, Mike 1971-.
Prusher, Ilene.
Quintero, Isabel.
Raasch, Sara 1989(?)-.
Radford, Gail.
Raeder, Leah.
Repino, Robert.
Richmond Mouillot, Miranda.
Rodin, Judith 1944-.
Root, William Pitt 1941-.
Rothfuss, Joan 1953-.
Russell, Gerard.
Russell, Romina.
Ryan, Paul 1970-.
Sacks, Stefanie.
Safran, John 1972-.
Sahner, Christian C.
Samet, Elizabeth D. 1969-.
Sand, Jordan 1960-.
Santana, Carlos 1947-.
Santangelo, Federico 1979-.
Sentance, Neil 1969-.
Shields, Sharma.
Sieberson, Steve.
Simon, Joel 1964-.
Skinner, Joseph.
Smith, Caleb 1977-.
Smith, Richard Norton 1953-.
Spiker, Ted.
Stephens, Bret 1973-.
Stevenson, Bryan 1959-.
Strecher, Matthew 1964-.
Sumell, Matt.
Swan, Laura 1954-.
Tabak, Lawrence.
Tate, Carson.
Taylor, Chris 1973-.
Thompson, Evan 1962-.
Thompson, Ken 1954-.
Tichy, Noel M. 1945-.
Todd, Chuck 1972-.
Todes, Daniel P. 1952-.
Trachtenberg, Marc 1946-.
Van Belle, Douglas 1965-.
van der Kolk, Bessel A. 1943-.
von Furstenberg, Diane 1946-.
Voytek, Bradley 1981-.
Walker, Casey 1980-.
Walrath, Dana.
Waltz, Michael G.
Watson, Robert P. 1962-.
Weeden, Jason 1969-.
Weitz, Stefan.
Welborn, Gina.
Werner, Anja.
Wild, Chris 1970-.
Williams, Evan Morgan.
Wirkus, Tim 1983-.
Young, William Paul 1955-.
Zamperini, Louis 1917-2014.
Zeihan, Peter.
Zetter, Kim.
Ziolkowski, Margaret 1952-.

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The Britannica Guide to Literary Elements: Poetry and Drama: Literary Terms and Concepts  (ISBN-10: 1615305394 | ISBN-13: 9781615305391)

Verse and drama have provided outlets for emotive expression and the creative impulse for centuries. Poignant, inspiring, and thought-provoking, plays and poems spoken or written in any language help reinterpret reality and evoke some of humanity's most profound truths. The terms culled in this volume describe many of the most potent elements of language—those that venture beyond the realm of prose and invoke the power of cadence, lyricism, and drama to recount all aspects of the human condition.

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