Americans at War: Eyewitness Accounts from the American Revolution to the 21st Century, 1st Edition

  • James R. Arnold
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Understanding primary sources is essential to understanding warfare. This outstanding collection provides a diverse set of eyewitness accounts of Americans in combat throughout U.S. history. Offering riveting true stories, it includes accounts from participants in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, the Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, The Persian Gulf War, the Afghanistan War, and the Iraq War. Most eyewitness accounts of war currently available to the public are those of writers who enjoy higher military rank. This book addresses this imbalance between officers' and enlisted men's accounts by invoking oral history archives. Contextual essays and timelines allow the reader to place the accounts in time and place, while the entries themselves allow the reader to experience the thoughts and emotions of Americans who engaged in combat.

Table of Contents

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List of Documents.
American Revolution.
1: American Revolution: Overview.
2: American Revolution: Timeline.
Personal Accounts.
3: Israel Potter: The Battle of Bunker Hill.
4: William Prescott: Combat at Breed’s Hill.
5: Peter Brown: A Private at Bunker Hill.
6: James Thacher: A Terrible Battle.
7: William Moultrie: The Defense of Fort Moultrie.
8: Anonymous: Two Accounts of the Battle of Long Island.
9: Anonymous: Battle of White Plains.
10: James Wilkinson: The Battle of Trenton.
11: John Greenwood: A Massachusetts Fifer at Trenton.
12: Henry Knox: The Artillery at Trenton.
13: Henry Knox: The Battle of Princeton.
14: Stephen Jarvis: A Loyalist at the Battle of Brandywine.
15: Anonymous: The Battle of Brandywine.
16: Joseph Townsend: A Quaker Sees the Battle of Brandywine.
17: John Stark: The Battle of Bennington.
18: Henry Dearborn: The Saratoga Campaign.
19: James Wilkinson: The Battle of Freeman’s Farm.
20: Albigence Waldo: Valley Forge.
21: John Laurens: The Battle of Monmouth.
22: Joseph Plumb Martin: A Private at the Battle of Monmouth.
23: Boyrereau Brinch: A Skirmish in New York.
24: Nathaniel Fanning: Aboard the Bonhomme Richard.
25: John Burrowes: Sullivan’s Campaign Against the Six Nations.
26: William Hill: The Battle of Kings Mountain.
27: Henry Lee: Pyle’s Massacre.
28: James Collins: With the Militia at the Battle of Cowpens.
29: John Eager Howard: Crisis at the Battle of Cowpens.
30: Nathanael Greene: Report on the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.
31: Benjamin Tallmadge: The Execution of John André.
32: David Fanning: A Loyalist Partisan.
33: James Thacher: A Surgeon at the Siege of Yorktown.
34: William Feltman: Nocturnal Assault at Yorktown.
35: American Revolution: Bibliography.
War of 1812.
36: War of 1812: Overview.
37: War of 1812: Timeline.
Personal Accounts.
38: Robert Lucas: The Detroit Campaign.
39: Adam Walker: Surrender of Detroit.
40: Moses Smith: The Uss Constitution Versus Hms Guerriere.
41: William Atherton: A Kentucky Volunteer at the Battle of Frenchtown.
42: Elias Darnell: Daybreak at the Battle of Frenchtown.
43: Mordecai Myers: The Battle of Chrysler’s Farm.
44: James Mann: Recollections of An Army Surgeon.
45: Noah Jones: The Privateer Yankee.
46: David C. Bunnell: A Gun Captain at the Battle of Lake Erie.
47: Usher Parsons: Aboard the Brig Lawrence at the Battle of Lake Erie.
48: Robert Breckenridge Mcafee: The Battle of the Thames.
49: Henry Leavenworth: The Battle of Lundy’s Lane.
50: Thomas L. Mckenney: The Battle of Bladensburg.
51: Alexander Macomb: The Defense of Plattsburgh.
52: Thomas Macdonough: The Battle of Lake Champlain.
53: George Armistead: The Defense of Fort McHenry.
54: Howell Tatum: Jackson’s Campaigns.
55: ArsèNe LacarrièRe Latour: The Defense of New Orleans.
56: Joseph Valpey Jr.: The Dartmoor Massacre.
57: War of 1812: Bibliography.
Mexican-American War.
58: Mexican-American War: Overview.
59: Mexican-American War: Timeline.
Personal Accounts.
60: John C. Henshaw: The Siege of Fort Texas.
61: Philip Norbourne Barbour: A Regular Officer at the Battles of Palo Alto and Resaca De La Palma.
62: Ulysses S. Grant: A Lieutenant Goes to War.
63: George A. Mccall: The Death of Captain Ringgold.
64: Luther Giddings: The Battle of Monterrey.
65: William Worth: Urban Combat in Monterrey.
66: John R. Kenly: The Baltimore Battalion at Monterrey.
67: Philip St. George Cooke: Campaign in the Southwest.
68: Samuel Du Pont: The Battle of San Pasqual.
69: Samuel G. French: A Gunner at Buena Vista.
70: Jefferson Davis: The Mississippi Rifles at Buena Vista.
71: George C. Furber: The Siege of Vera Cruz.
72: George B. McClellan: The Battle of Cerro Gordo.
73: Lewis A. Norton: An Illinois Volunteer at the Battle of Cerro Gordo.
74: John Blout Robertsen: With the “Bloody-First” at Cerro Gordo.
75: Christoph Zeh: A German Immigrant at the Battle of Cerro Gordo.
76: Ralph W. Kirkham: The Assault on Churubusco.
77: Robert Anderson: The Battle of Molino Del Rey.
78: John Sedgwick: Battle of Chapultepec.
79: Richard Coulter and Thomas Barclay: Pennsylvania Volunteers at the Battle of Chapultepec.
80: Thomas Mayne Reid: The Storming of Chapultepec.
81: Mexican-American War: Bibliography.
American Civil War.
82: American Civil War: Overview.
83: American Civil War: Timeline.
Personal Accounts.
84: Samuel Crawford: Fort Sumter.
85: Ulysses S. Grant: First Campaign.
86: John O. Cassler: Battle of Bull Run or First Manassas.
87: Harry Gilmor: Cavalry Patrol.
88: Leander Stillwell: First Combat at the Battle of Shiloh.
89: Elisha Stockwell Jr.: A Young Teenager at the Battle of Shiloh.
90: Charles B. Kimbell: An Illinois Battery at the Battle of Shiloh.
91: Henry Villard: Behind the Front at Shiloh.
92: Isaac N. Brown: The Confederate Ironclad Arkansas.
93: William A. Fletcher: A Rebel Private at the Seven Days.
94: Robert Gould Shaw: The Battle of Cedar Mountain.
95: Charles W. Hassler: Blockade Duty at Mobile.
96: James M. Stone: A Massachusetts Soldier at the Battle of Antietam.
97: George W. Smalley: Hooker’s Charge at the Battle of Antietam.
98: David W. Rowe: Assault on Marye’s Heights.
99: Richard W. Johnson: A Union General at the Battle of Stones River.
100: Henry Eby: An Illinois Trooper at the Battle of Stones River.
101: George Dewey: Running the Guns at Port Hudson.
102: Harry Gilmor: Cavalry Combat at Kelly’s Ford.
103: Thomas E. Taylor: Running the Blockade.
104: Samuel H. M. Byers: An Iowa Soldier at the Battle of Champion Hill.
105: Francis M. Cockrell: Confederate Report on the Battle of Champion Hill.
106: Alvin P. Hovey: Union Report on the Battle of Champion Hill.
107: Jacob Ritner: Assaulting the Trenches at Vicksburg.
108: William Wiley: A Diary Record of the Assault at Vicksburg.
109: Thomas Christie: The Siege of Vicksburg.
110: H. B. M’Clellan: The Battle of Brandy Station.
111: John B. Gordon: The First Day at Gettysburg.
112: Harry M. Kieffer: A Drummer Boy at Gettysburg.
113: John C. West: The Second Day at Gettysburg.
114: Henry Kyd Douglas: A Confederate View of the Battle of Gettysburg.
115: Frank A. Haskell: Facing Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg.
116: Thomas W. Hyde: The Third Day at Gettysburg.
117: Basil W. Duke: Morgan’s Raid.
118: John C. West: A Rebel Private at the Battle of Chickamauga.
119: William A. Fletcher: The Texas Brigade at Chickamauga.
120: Samuel McNeil: An Ohio Veteran at Chickamauga.
121: J. S. Fullerton: Reinforcing Thomas at Chickamauga.
122: William Wiley: The Battle of Pleasant Hill.
123: Thomas R. Duncan: A Confederate Account of the Fort Pillow Massacre.
124: Edgar Holden: Fighting the Albemarle.
125: Harry Gilmor: Guerrilla Combat in Virginia.
126: Holman S. Melcher: The 20th Maine in the Battle of the Wilderness.
127: Gilbert Moxley Sorrel: Longstreet’s Attack at the Battle of the Wilderness.
128: Robert McAllister: Grant’s Overland Campaign.
129: James M. Stone: Trench Warfare During Grant’s Overland Campaign.
130: Horace Porter: Union Account of the Bloody Angle.
131: John B. Gordon: Confederate Account of the Bloody Angle.
132: Sam R. Watkins: The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.
133: John F. Brobst: A Wisconsin Soldier in Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign.
134: Charles B. Kimbell: Trench Warfare During the Atlanta Campaign.
135: Thomas Christie: A Minnesota Gunner at the Battle of Atlanta.
136: Alpheus S. Williams: The Capture of Atlanta.
137: Oliver Batcheller: Aboard the Monongahela During the Battle of Mobile Bay.
138: William S. Dunlop: A Sharpshooter at the Battle of Ream’s Station.
139: Alfred B. Nettleton: The Battle of Cedar Creek.
140: John William De Forest: Holding the Center at the Battle of Cedar Creek.
141: George S. Bradley: A Chaplain’s Account of Sherman’s March to the Sea.
142: George Dewey: A Naval View of the Assault on Fort Fisher.
143: American Civil War: Bibliography.