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A powerful online subscription resource, DemographicsNow: Business & People connects users with a wealth of highly detailed demographic data that spans the entire United States--making it ideal for gaining consumer and market insight for opening a business, finding an untapped audience for products/services, analyzing the shifts and needs of a given population, and much more. The product's superior reporting capability enables users to easily and rapidly produce a variety of compiled reports--both standard and custom--to help in making informed and accurate decisions. Providing data on more than 24 million U.S. businesses and 206 million consumers, DemographicsNow allows for basic or advanced searches on various different fields. The demographics tool leverages Census data, consumer expenditures, retail spending, and Mosaic Lifestyle market segmentation groupings to helps users "crunch" data in easy-to-use report formats providing complete demographic information for any geographic territory--from a summary report to a comparison of up to sixteen different geographies within a single report. An innovative new mapping tool allows users to map their business and residential search results.DemographicsNow is available in two versions. The basic DemographicsNow includes demographics data, tools, maps, and 2010 Census data files, while the more expansive DemographicsNow: Business & People couples the basic product with business and residential data and reports.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive business data includes actual credit ratings, minority and women owned flags, out of business firms, and legal ownership hierarchies.
  • Geographies are analyzed based on custom radii, custom drive times, counties, census tracts, block groups, U.S. places, DMAs, MSAs, CBSAs, ZIPs, and more.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities allow macro reporting of consumer expenditures, retail spending, census demographics, etc. for any geographic area a user defines --enabling users to create side-by-side comparisons of up to 16 geographies.
  • Users can easily perform quick and accurate market and site location analysis.
  • Provides unlimited access to demographic maps and reports for all U.S. geographies and addresses, while advanced mapping capabilities include search by map, views of search results on a map, and thematic mapping.

What's New

  • Residential data is grouped into more than 135 million households and tied directly to 2010 census data averages/medians for neighborhood information at the census block group level. Census data from 1980-2010 is also included.
  • Comprehensive household information on people includes who and how many people live in a house as well as neighborhood information taken from the 2010 census block group level.
  • A new mapping tool provides customizable, printable maps with thematic scales in a variety of user formats, such as roads, aerial, or base.
  • Additional resources include 2010 census files, an Internet article search by geography, and a zip code territory creator.
  • Additional business filters--14 minority filters and 14 business ownership filters--offer even more options.
  • DEMOGRAPHICSNOW's comprehensive collection results include over 17 million businesses (versus 16 million) and 206 million people.
  • Out-of-business records total 4 million since the year 2000.
  • Two versions are available. The basic DEMOGRAPHICSNOW includes the demographics data, tools, maps, and 2010 Census data files. DEMOGRAPHICSNOW-BUSINESS & PEOPLE includes everything in the basic product as well as business and residential data and reports.