Latin America: History and Culture, 1st Edition

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North Americans know that their "New World" is only part of what Columbus discovered in 1492. In this 4-vol. set, in appealing form, is the story of the other Americas -- the borderlands of Old (and New) Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Derived from Scribner's Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, yet enriched with new art and current events, this set introduces students to a world as familiar as Christopher Columbus and our Latino heritage, as foreign as the jungles of the Amazon and ancient citadel of Machu Picchu. Here are the beauty of Haitian folk art and the beat of Brazil's bossa nova-along with the brutality of Salvadoran death squads and Argentine "disappearances." In A-Z format, 749 articles are complemented by 60 color and more than 200 black-and-white pictures and maps. Boxed special features, topical and general chronologies, and marginal definitions are some of the aids that make this set appropriate for every school and public library.


"Gr 6-10. This set, based on Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture has been adapted for younger readers. Alphabetically arranged entries cover cultural, historical, and political topics. The articles on past civilizations, movements, writers, and lengthy entries on individual countries will be particularly useful. [Students]...will encounter broad-ranging articles on archaeology, architecture, art, and other sites and artists. In format, Latin America resembles other Scribner's student encyclopedias such as Ancient Greece and Rome, and has been designed with accessibility in mind. The clean layout features wide margins that offer framed entry words, definitions, sidebars, time lines, and see references...It will serve its audience well." --School Library Journal (August 2000)

— School Library Journal

"This very attractive set has been created from its parent, Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, and directed to the specific needs of junior and senior high school students. Over 700 articles treat topics ranging from Indian times through the present. Included are biographies of heroes, leaders and saints, as well as historical articles on events such as the Mexican-American War and the development of the various countries. Cultural entries document achievements of artists, musicians and dancers. Analytical articles investigate issues such as wealth and poverty or war and peace. The format is extremely inviting, with the left hand column helping with definitions, identification of important people, or facts, while the right hand column is devoted to the narrative of the topic under consideration. Hundreds of black-and-white and color photographs, charts, timelines and other reference tidbits make this an extremely valuable research tool. If the junior or senior high school curriculum contains topics from Central and South America, this set is a must-purchase. Librarians will then need to add new subject headings to the catalog that are tied to the curricular topics students probe to make this set the target of many information searches." -- Gales Online Reference For Students (May 2000)

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"This encyclopedia contains a plethora of information on Latin America, Mexico, Central and South American, and the Caribbean Antilles. Topics addressed include people, organizations, countries, cities, art, literature, history, religion, and economics...this adaptation of a scholarly work succeeds in describing and explaining 'a very complicated and diverse region with objectivity, taking care to avoid common biases and stereotypes'. Suitable for middle and high school students as well as adult readers, this reference set will be useful for research projects in U.S. and world History, geography, economics, and Spanish. It also might be helpful for literature, architecture, and art-related research."-- VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocacy) June 2001


"There are entries about each country and many cities; entries on topics related to current events (Indian policy, human rights); historical and cultural entries (Mexican Revolution, Football War, pre-Columbian art, samba); biographical entries; and those devoted to broad themes (agriculture, music, and dance). Geographical scope includes Mexico, Central American, South America, and all of the Caribbean Islands. Each volume repeats a timeline for Latin America and the excellent index. The entries are well written in language appropriate for middle and secondary school students, and they are interesting and thorough in their coverage. This excellent source will meet the needs of students and of many adults seeking basic, accurate information about Latin America. This set is highly recommended for school and public libraries, and for libraries of universities that train teachers." -- ARBA (American Reference Books Annual) 2001


"Following the favorable reception of Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, also edited by Barbara A. Tenenbaum, the publisher felt that a similar work for students would be popular. Because this set is both handsome and useful, it should be equally well received...Each volume has a time line that covers the pre-Columbian period to the handover of the Panama Canal in 1999...Topics range across all facets of history and culture...Any library that needs basic coverage of Latin America for a nonspecialist audience will find this useful. Recommended for medium-sized to large public libraries and middle-and high-school libraries." --Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin (June 1 & 15, 2000)

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