eBook Sightings: Reflections on Religion in Public Life, 1st Edition

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For the past twenty years, Martin Marty and the editors of Sightings, a digital publication of the University of Chicago Divinity School’s Martin Marty Center, have published informed, accessible, and witty commentary on religion in current events. Featuring more than seventy authors—including Marty himself, Eboo Patel, and Krista Tippett—this book collects one hundred of the best essays that originally appeared in Sightings. Religion in public life fluctuates in temperature, but in the last twenty years, the religious climate has produced some harsh and extreme conditions that make the need for public discussion and understanding of religion more vital than ever. In this volume writers intelligently engage and elucidate many critical trends, issues, and practices of faith in our pluralistic world. Rich food for thought awaits readers here.

Table of Contents

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Editor's Note.
Introduction: Reflections on Sightings.
1: Counting.
2: America's Mythical Religious Past.
3: Mourning a Monsignor.
4: Pearl Harbor, Sarajevo, and the Events of September Eleventh.
5: An Extraordinary Discussion.
6: Of Patriots and Saints.
7: “The Women” Are Everywhere.
8: Of Troubled Hearts.
9: A Letter from Jerusalem: Christmas 2002.
10: Ryan's Commute.
11: Milton, Mass., Mary.
12: Cracking The Da Vinci Code.
13: Remembering Martin Luther King.
14: Tru-Envy?.
15: Supreme Court Theology.
16: Greeley's War.
17: The Theodicy of Everyday Life.
18: The World House.
19: Collisions and Doubts.
20: Billy Graham's Final Crusade.
21: Black Theology and Womanist Theology in Conversation.
22: Multiple Choices from the Founders.
23: Buddhists on the Brain.
24: The Future of New Orleans.
25: The Changing Faces of Islam.
26: Reflections on Chicago's Cloud Gate.
27: Intelligent Watches.
28: Sanctuary or Spectacle?.
29: Allah's Trailblazer.
30: Watch Your Language.
31: On the Migration of Religious Ideas.
32: Religion and Redemption in Black Snake Moan.
33: Mother Teresa's Agony.
34: The Economist on Religion.
35: Baptism by Torture.
36: How to Bury a Prophet.
37: E Pluribus Obama.
38: God and Man at Yale.
39: On Trust.
40: News from the Religion and Science Front.
41: An Inner Life with New Meaning.
42: Economics.
43: Back to the Twelfth Century: Peter the Venerable and Pope Benedict XVI.
44: Religion-Based Arguments in Juvenile Life without Parole Cases.
45: The Sacred and the Sartorial.
46: Jim Wallis on Morals and Values.
47: Keeping on the Sunny Side: Southern Traditionalism's Bid for Academic Respectability and Tolerance.
48: Cuts in the Humanities.
49: The Persecution of Religious Minorities in Iraq.
50: Franklin Graham on Islam and Violence.
51: The Shtetl Strongman.
52: Good Sufi, Bad Muslims.
53: The Chinese House Church Goes Public.
54: Shrine Destruction in Bahrain.
55: Machine Gun Preacher.
56: Commonweal's “Bishops and Religious Liberty”.
57: Adiaphora.
58: A Jewish Classic for Muslims.
59: The Swift Rise and Apparent Demise of “Jesus' Wife”.
60: Divorce's Toll.
61: Christian Pop.
62: Strange Bedfellows Scapegoat Russia's Gays.
63: The Doniger Affair: Freedom of Scholarly Inquiry Takes an Ominous Turn in India.
64: Phone versus Online Honesty.
65: Ferguson.
66: How Not to Understand ISIS.
67: Plastic Religious Art: Playful to Some, Offensive to Others.
68: #JeSuisCharlie: Blasphemy in Hinduism and Censorship in India.
69: After the Charlie Hebdo Massacre: Islam Must Open Itself to Critique.
70: A Reply to Jean-Luc Marion's “After Charlie Hebdo, Islam Must Critique Itself”.
71: Another Take on “After Charlie Hebdo, Islam Must Critique Itself”.
72: Rifts in the Mormon Family: What Just Happened?.
73: Historic Paris Climate Agreement Reflects Years of Advocacy by Religious People.
74: Southern Baptists.
75: Easter's Deus ex Machina.
76: The Last Trump?.
77: Children on Christian or Secular Swings?.
78: How Waiting 108 Years Makes the Good Life.
79: An Event to Celebrate.
80: In Defense of the Liberal in the Study of Religion.
81: Many Sightings of Hope.
82: Dylann Roof, the Radicalization of the Alt-Right, and Ritualized Racial Violence.
83: Myths Debunked: Why Did White Evangelical Christians Vote for Trump?.
84: Rock, Paper, Scissors.
85: Sacred Sites Violated.
86: The Church Militant.
87: The Time Has Passed.
88: Alien Citizens.
89: Look for the Jews.
90: Being Hip-Hop, Being Job, and Being.
91: The Meaning of Religious Exemptions.
92: Taking the Unitarian Universalist Diversity Crisis Seriously.
93: The Hidden Roots of Betsy DeVos's Educational Policies.
94: Rev. Dr. William Barber and the Sound of Transcendence.
95: Euthanasia, Dignity, and “Spirituality Lite”.
96: Love Your Enemies: Moral Absurdity or Genius?.
97: Closings.
98: Visiting a Fellow Human at the Benedictine Monastery.
99: Historical Justice in an Era of #MeToo: Legacies of John Howard Yoder.
100: Jerusalem.
Index of Contributors.
Index of Subjects.