SUPERLCCS: Gale’s Library of Congress Classification Schedules Combined with Additions Changes, 2016 Edition

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Updated annually, each of the 40 volumes combines in one sequence the current edition of every Library of Congress classification schedule together with all additions, changes and deletions published in LC Classification – Additions and Changes. Thus, for each classification schedule, catalogers need only look at this single source for current classification information. In addition Gale has added “Gale notes” to the text to clarify instructions and explain the “shorthand” phraseology used in the schedules.

Features and Benefits

  • The full text of each schedule has been meticulously combined with all the changes issued by the Library of Congress.
  • Editorial notes have been added to direct the user to another location or define, clarify, or elaborate abbreviated or ambiguous instruction or description.

What's New

  • All updates through the latest PDF release of LCCS by the Library of Congress have been included in this latest edition.

Table of Contents

Schedule A: General Works.
Schedule B-BJ: Philosophy, Psychology.
Schedule BL-BQ: Religion (General). Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism.
Schedule BR-BX: Christianity, Bible.
Schedule C: Auxiliary Sciences of History.
Schedule D-DR: History (General) and History of Europe.
Schedule DS-DX: History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Schedule E-F: History: America.
Schedule G: Geography. Maps. Anthropology. Recreation.
Schedule H: Social Sciences.
Schedule J: Political Science.
Schedule JZ and KZ: Historical Notes and Introduction to Application.
Schedule K Tables: Form Division Tables For Law.
Schedule K: Law in General, Comparative and Uniform Law, Jurisprudence.
Schedule KB: Religious Law.
Schedule KD: Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Schedule KDZ, KG-KH: Law of the Americas, Latin America, and the West Indies.
Schedule KE: Law of Canada.
Schedule KF: Law of the United States.
Schedule KJ-KKZ: Law of Europe.
Schedule KJV-KJW: Law of France.
Schedule KK-KKC: Law of Germany.
Schedule KL-KWX: Law of Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica.
Schedule KZ: Law of Nations.
Schedule L: Education.
Schedule M: Music and Books on Music.
Schedule N: Fine Arts.
Schedule P-PA: Philology and Linguistics (General), Greek/Latin Language and Literature.
Schedule P-PZ Tables: Language and Literature Tables.
Schedule PB-PH: Modern European Languages.
Schedule PJ-PK: Oriental Philology and Literature, Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature.
Schedule PL-PM: Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania, Hyperborean, Indian, Artificial Languages.
Schedule PN: Literature (General).
Schedule PR, PS, PZ: English and American Literature, Juvenile Belles Lettres.
Schedule PT: German, Dutch, and Scandinavian Literatures.
Schedule Q: Science.
Schedule R: Medicine.
Schedule S: Agriculture.
Schedule T: Technology.
Schedule U-V: Military Science, Naval Science.
Schedule Z: Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources.