Historic Documents of 2017, 1st Edition

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This series is renowned for the well-written and informative background, history, and context it provides for each document. Each volume begins with an insightful essay that sets the year’s events in context, and each document or group of documents is preceded by a comprehensive introduction that provides background information on the event. Events covered in the 2017 Edition include: the intricacies of the new presidential administration of Donald Trump, Russian involvement in the U.S. presidential election, U.S. and global policies on immigration and refugees, landmark Supreme Court rulings on gerrymandering and state grant money for parochial schools, and the appointment of Neil Gorsuch, global warming and climate change agreements and policies, European elections, including those in the UK, France, and Germany, outcomes of the G-20 Summit, and North Korea and international calls to action.

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Overview of 2017.
1: ISIL Carries Out Attacks across the Globe.
2: President Erdogan Issues Statement on Istanbul Terror Attack.
3: Prime Minister May Addresses UK Terrorist Attack.
4: Iranian President Issues Statement on Attack in Tehran.
5: Spanish President Expresses Condolences in Barcelona.
6: Director of National Intelligence Declassifies Report on Russian Interference in 2016 U.S. Election.
7: DNI Releases Declassified Report on Russian Interference in U.S. Election.
8: Gambian Election Throws Nation into Political Crisis.
9: African Union Meets to Discuss Election in The Gambia.
10: UN Security Council Recognizes Election of Gambian Challenger Barrow.
11: ECOWAS, AU, UN Jointly Respond to Political Situation in The Gambia.
12: Donald J. Trump Sworn In as 45th President of the United States.
13: President Trump Delivers Remarks upon His Inauguration.
14: President Trump Issues Immigration Orders.
15: President Trump Issues Executive Order on a U.S.–Mexico Border Wall.
16: President Trump Issues Executive Order on Sanctuary Cities.
17: President Trump Issues Executive Order Banning Travel from Seven Muslim-Majority Countries.
18: President Trump Issues Amended Travel Ban.
19: District Court Issues Injunction against Sanctuary City Executive Order.
20: Ninth Circuit Court Issues Nationwide Injunction on Travel Ban.
21: Supreme Court Issues Initial Ruling on Travel Ban.
22: President Trump Issues Proclamation Regarding Travel into the United States.
23: Supreme Court Issues Emergency Stay on Travel Ban Case in Fourth Circuit.
24: Supreme Court Issues Emergency Stay on Travel Ban Case in Ninth Circuit.
25: Neil Gorsuch Confirmed and Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice.
26: Trump Nominates Judge Gorsuch to Supreme Court.
27: Judge Gorsuch Delivers Remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
28: President Trump Responds to Judge Gorsuch’s Confirmation.
29: President Trump, Judge Gorsuch Deliver Remarks at the Swearing-In Ceremony.
30: United Nations and Myanmar Leaders Respond to Rohingya Crisis.
31: UN Issues Report on the Situation in Rakhine State.
32: Advisory Commission on Rakhine State Issues Report.
33: Myanmar Government Responds to August ARSA Attack.
34: UN Calls Situation in Myanmar Ethnic Cleansing.
35: Aung San Suu Kyi Delivers Address on Rakhine.
36: Officials Respond to Strikes in Brazil; Temer Refutes Corruption Charges.
37: Espírito Santo Governor Comments on Police Strike.
38: Espírito Santo Military Police Commander-in-Chief Announces End of Police Strike.
39: President Temer Statement on General Strike.
40: President Temer Statement on Corruption Allegations.
41: Federal Public Prosecutor Files Corruption Charges against President Temer.
42: United Nations Agencies Respond to Worsening Famine in South Sudan.
43: United Nations on the Declaration of Famine in South Sudan.
44: IPC Removes Famine Classification from South Sudan.
45: Security Council President Calls for Global Aid for Famine.
46: NASA and SpaceX Announce Milestones in Space Exploration; Congress Sets Timeline for Mission to Mars.
47: NASA Announces Largest Discovery of Earth-size, Habitable-Zone Planets around Single Star.
48: SpaceX Announces Plan to Send Private Spacecraft beyond the Moon.
49: Senator Ted Cruz Announces Passage of the NASA Transition Authorization Act.
50: Remarks by President Trump on Signing the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017.
51: Executive Order 13803 Reviving the National Space Council.
52: President Trump Addresses a Joint Session of Congress; Democratic Response.
53: President Trump Addresses a Joint Session of Congress.
54: Former Governor Beshear Delivers Democratic Response.
55: International Community Responds to Political Upheaval in Venezuela.
56: OAS Secretary General on Supreme Court of Justice Decisions.
57: U.S. Treasury Department Sanctions Nicolás Maduro.
58: OAS Secretary General on Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly Election.
59: UN Report on Human Rights Violations during Venezuela Protests.
60: U.S. Executive Order Imposing Additional Sanctions in Venezuela.
61: United Nations and United States Issue Sanctions against North Korea.
62: UN Expands Authority of Panel of Experts.
63: UN Security Council Expands List of Individuals and Businesses Targeted for Sanctions.
64: UN Sanctions Export of North Korean Oil.
65: UN Limits Export of North Korean Products, Movement of North Korean Citizens.
66: President Trump Issues Executive Order Expanding Sanctions against North Korea.
67: House and Senate Vote on Affordable Care Act Repeal.
68: President Trump Addresses Health Care Reform Efforts.
69: House Speaker Ryan Remarks on Inability to Pass ACA Repeal.
70: President Trump Calls on Senate to Pass Health Care Legislation.
71: Sen. McCain Votes “No” on Health Care Reform.
72: President Trump Issues Executive Order on ACA.
73: British Prime Minister Triggers Exit from European Union.
74: British Prime Minister Informs EU of Britain’s Intent to Leave the Body.
75: Prime Minister May Addresses Parliament on Brexit.
76: Turkish President Responds to Referendum and State of Emergency.
77: Turkish President on Relationship with the EU.
78: Turkish President on Passage of Constitutional Referendum.
79: National Security Council Recommends Extension of State of Emergency.
80: Turkish President on Fight against Terrorism.
81: Turkish National Security Council Advises Extension of State of Emergency.
82: President Trump, United Nations Respond to Chemical Attack in Syria.
83: President Trump Remarks on U.S. Military Operations in Syria.
84: UN Secretary-General on Chemical Attack in Syria.
85: National Security Council Report on the Chemical Weapons Attack.
86: UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic Report.
87: U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan; Pentagon Sends Additional Troops.
88: Defense Department Announces Destruction of Terrorist Stronghold in Afghanistan.
89: Secretary of Defense Announces Change in Troop Strategy.
90: President Trump Addresses Military Strategy in Afghanistan.
91: FBI Director Fired, Testifies before Congress.
92: Trump Terminates FBI Director Comey.
93: Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General Provide Input on Handling of Director Comey.
94: Comey Addresses Senate Intelligence Committee.
95: Leaders of France, Germany, and the UK Respond to National Elections.
96: French President Delivers Speech upon His Election.
97: British Prime Minister Remarks on General Election.
98: President of the German Bundestag on Formation of a Government.
99: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Appointed Special Counsel on U.S. Election–Russia Investigation, Issues Indictments.
100: Justice Department Appoints Special Counsel.
101: George Papadopoulos Statement of Offense.
102: Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Indicted on Multiple Counts.
103: Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI.
104: Supreme Court Rules on Gerrymandering.
105: Cooper v. Harris.
106: Philippine President Establishes Martial Law.
107: Declaration of Martial Law and Suspension of Habeas Corpus in Mindanao.
108: Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in Taiwan, Germany, Malta, and Australia.
109: Judicial Yuan Issues Same-Sex Marriage Ruling.
110: German Bundestag Discusses Same-Sex Marriage Legislation.
111: Maltese Parliament Approves Marriage Equality Bill.
112: Remarks by Australian Prime Minister Turnbull in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage Bill.
113: United States Withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord.
114: President Trump Announces Withdrawal from Paris Agreement.
115: France, Germany, and Italy Respond to U.S. Departure from Paris Agreement.
116: Two States File Emoluments Lawsuit against President Trump.
117: D.C. and Maryland Sue President Trump for Emoluments Clause Violations.
118: UNHCR Issues Report on Global Migrants.
119: UN Releases Global Trends Report on Forcibly Displaced Persons.
120: Supreme Court Rules on Arkansas Birth Certificate Law.
121: Pavan v. Smith.
122: Supreme Court Rules on Parochial Schools and Grant Money.
123: Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer.
124: Qatari Diplomatic Crisis.
125: Foreign Ministers Discuss Qatari Diplomatic Crisis.
126: Qatar Tweets about Emir’s Speech on Ongoing Diplomatic Crisis.
127: Foreign Ministers of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt Issue Statement on Qatar.
128: President Trump, Prime Minister Abadi Remark on Liberation of Mosul.
129: President Trump Responds to Liberation of Mosul.
130: Iraqi Prime Minister Celebrates Victory in Mosul.
131: Controversial Court Reforms in Poland.
132: Polish President Speaks about Attempt to Reform Judiciary System.
133: President Duda Vetoes Judiciary Bills.
134: President Duda Signs Judiciary Reforms into Law.
135: EU Proposes Sanctioning Poland over Judicial Reforms.
136: President Trump Announces Transgender Military Ban.
137: President Trump Tweets about Transgender Individuals in the Military.
138: President Trump Issues Memorandum on Military Service by Transgender Individuals.
139: ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Transgender Service Member Ban.
140: Pakistan Prime Minister Removed from Office.
141: Supreme Court of Pakistan Disqualifies Sharif from Office.
142: U.S. Government Seeks to Impose New Immigration Limits.
143: Attorney General Sessions Provides Support to RAISE Act.
144: President Trump Responds to the RAISE Act.
145: White House Statement on Arpaio Pardon.
146: Trump Rescinds DACA Program.
147: South African Political Parties Issue Statements on No Confidence Vote against President Zuma.
148: African National Congress Responds to Vote of No Confidence.
149: Democratic Alliance Issues Statement on Failed Vote of No Confidence.
150: Sonic Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Suspected.
151: Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs Responds to Sonic Attack Allegations.
152: Secretary Tillerson Statement on U.S. Response to Attacks on Personnel in Cuba.
153: Secretary Tillerson Statement on the Expulsion of Cuban Officials from the U.S..
154: Neo-Nazi Protest in Charlottesville.
155: Governor McAuliffe on the Events in Charlottesville.
156: President Trump Remarks on the Situation in Charlottesville.
157: President Trump Speaks to Reporters about Charlottesville.
158: Condolence Statement from the City of Charlottesville.
159: United Nations Responds to Flooding in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
160: UN Agencies Aid Those in South Asia.
161: UN Secretary-General Responds to Flooding.
162: UNICEF Reports on Children Impacted by Flooding.
163: President Trump, Vice President Pence Visit Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico after Hurricanes.
164: President Trump, Federal Officials Address Hurricane Harvey Recovery.
165: Federal Officials Discuss Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts.
166: Vice President Pence Speaks on Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery Efforts.
167: Kenyan Court Discounts Election Results.
168: Supreme Court Overturns Election Results with Two Dissenting Opinions.
169: Census Bureau Releases Annual Report on Poverty in the United States.
170: Census Bureau Report on Poverty in the United States.
171: Census Bureau Report on Supplemental Poverty Measures.
172: President Trump Addresses the United Nations.
173: President Trump Remarks to the United Nations General Assembly.
174: Government Officials Respond to Catalan Independence Referendum.
175: Deputy Prime Minister Comments on Catalan Referendum.
176: Letter from President Puigdemont to Prime Minister Rajoy.
177: Federal Leaders Respond to Mass Shooting in Las Vegas.
178: President Trump Responds to Las Vegas Shooting.
179: Sen. Feinstein Introduces Bump Stock Ban Legislation.