UXL History Fact Finder, 1st Edition

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What is the difference between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire? Did Marie Antoinette really say, "Let them eat cake"? When did MTV first air and how did the Internet develop? U·X·L® History Fact Finder is an innovative 3-vol. set that answers 750 of the most commonly asked questions concerning topics, times, terms and people in world and U.S. history from ancient to modern times. The question-and-answer format is arranged in 15 chapters to facilitate quick lookups as well as informative browsing. Fun facts and interesting details are featured in handy sidebars throughout this set, which includes a comprehensive subject index. U·X·L® History Fact Finder's fully-illustrated volumes feature 180 illustrations, photos, maps, timelines and other graphics. Look for subject chapters that include information on:

  • Eras and Their Highlights
  • Religion
  • Exploration and Settlement
  • War and Conflict
  • Government and Politics
  • Law and Famous Trials
  • Economics and Business
  • Political and Social Movements
  • Natural and Man-made Disasters
  • Medicine and Disease
  • Philosophy
  • Science and Invention
  • Culture and Recreation
  • Holidays and Observances


"UXL History Fact Finder is an attractive junior reference giving quick access to key information about world and U.S. hitory. Saari has created a friendly, informal set of historical narratives by using a simple, straightforward format. ... The range of information covered by this three-volume set and its clear, precise, and accurate narratives make it valuable for home, public, and school libraries." -- ARBA (2002)