eBook The Complete Bike Owner's Manual, 1st Edition

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  • Original Copyright 2017 | Published/Released October 2017
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This book is a complete reference of repairs and maintenance for the do-it-yourself bicycle owner. Check the diagnostic spreads, which go from symptom to solution and include a toolbox to show what equipment is needed for the repairs that will get your bike back on track. From cleaning your bike to brake repair to electric bike maintenance to assembling a custom mountain bike, The Complete Bike Owner's Manual is a friendly and informative guide to taking care of your bike.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
The Complete Bike Owner's Manual: Introduction.
Know Your Bicycle.
1: Bicycle Anatomy: Road Bikes.
2: Bicycle Anatomy: Off-Road Bikes.
3: Components: Utility Bikes.
4: Components: Road Bikes.
5: Components: Off-Road Bikes.
6: Seating Position: Road Bikes.
7: Seating Position: Off-Road Bikes.
8: Accessories: Essential Gear.
9: Accessories: Bike Technology.
10: Accessories: Utility Equipment.
11: Clothing: Road Riding.
12: Clothing: Off-Road Riding.
Getting Started.
13: Tools and Techniques: Workshop Tools.
14: Tools and Techniques: Workshop Techniques.
15: Maintenance and Repair: The M-Checks.
16: Maintenance and Repair: Cleaning Your Bike.
17: Maintenance and Repair: Lubricating Your Bike.
18: Maintenance and Repair: Protecting Your Frame.
19: Maintenance and Repair: Emergency Repairs.
Steering and Saddle.
20: Key Components: Headsets.
21: Servicing A Headset: Threaded Headsets.
22: Maintaining A Headset: Threadless headsets.
23: Key Components: Handlebars and Stems.
24: Removing And Replacing: Drop and Straight Handlebars.
25: Maintaining A Handlebar: Replacing Handlebar Tape.
26: Maintaining A Handlebar: Replacing Handlebar Grips.
27: Key Components: Seatposts and Saddles.
28: Adjusting A Seatpost: Seatpost Maintenance.
29: Installing A Seatpost: Dropper Seatposts.
30: Chooser Guide: Wheels.
31: Key Components: Wire-Spoke Wheels.
32: Removing and Reinstalling A Wheel: Quick-release front wheels.
33: Removing and Reinstalling a Wheel: Wheels with a cassette.
34: Removing and Reinstalling a Wheel: Wheels with a hub gear.
35: Replacing a Tire: Clincher tires.
36: Replacing a Tire: Tubeless tires.
37: Servicing a Wheel: Tightening loose spokes.
38: Key Components: Wheel hubs.
39: Servicing a Wheel Bearing: Press-fit cartridge types.
40: Servicing a Wheel Bearing: Cup and cone types.
41: Chooser Guide: Brakes.
42: Key Components: Rim Brakes.
43: Installing Brake Cables: Drop Handlebars.
44: Installing Brake Cables: Straight Handlebars.
45: Servicing Hydraulic Brakes: Replacing Hoses.
46: Servicing Hydraulic Brakes: Bleeding the System.
47: Maintaining Mechanical Brakes: Replacing Brake Pads.
48: Adjusting Mechanical Brakes: V-brakes.
49: Adjusting Mechanical Brakes: Cantilever Brakes.
50: Adjusting Mechanical Brakes: Dual-pivot Brakes.
51: Key Components: Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
52: Servicing Mechanical Brakes: Disc Brakes.
53: Key Components: Roller Brakes.
54: Installing and Adjusting Brake Cables: Roller Brake Cables.
55: Chooser Guide: Drivetrain Systems.
56: Key Components: Manual Shifters.
57: Installing Gear Cables: External Gear Cables.
58: Installing Gear Cables: Internal Gear Cables.
59: Key Components: Electronic Shifting.
60: Adjusting Electronic Shifters: Shimano DI2 Systems.
61: Key Components: Front Derailleurs.
62: Installing and Adjusting a Derailleur: Front Derailleurs.
63: Key Components: Rear Derailleurs.
64: Installing a Derailleur: Rear Derailleurs.
65: Adjusting a Derailleur: Rear Derailleurs.
66: Key Components: Hub Gears.
67: Adjusting Hub Gears: Shimano Alfine 8.
68: Adjusting Hub Gears: Sturmey-Archer Three-Speed.
69: Key Components: Chains and Cassettes.
70: Removing and Replacing A Bicycle Chain: Bicycle Chains.
71: Removing and Servicing A Cassette: Rear cassettes.
72: Chooser Guide: Cranksets.
73: Key Components: Cranksets.
74: Removing and Reinstalling A Crankset: Shimano HollowTech II.
75: Removing and Reinstalling A Crankset: Square taper types.
76: Removing and Reinstalling A Crankset: Campagnolo Ultra-Torque.
77: Removing and Reinstalling A Crankset: SRAM Red.
78: Key Components: Bottom brackets.
79: Replacing A Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Ultra-Torque.
80: Replacing A Bottom Bracket: Cartridge Types.
81: Replacing A Bottom Bracket: Shimano HollowTech II.
82: Chooser Guide: Pedals.
83: Servicing Pedals: Greasing Axle Bearings.
84: Fitting Cleats: Cycling Shoes and Cleats.
85: Chooser Guide: Suspension.
86: Key Components: Suspension Forks.
87: Adjusting Front Suspension: Setting the Front Sag.
88: Maintaining Front Suspension: Tuning Suspension Forks.
89: Servicing Front Suspension: The Lower Legs.
90: Key Components: Rear Suspension.
91: Adjusting Rear Suspension: Setting the Rear Sag.
Owner's Guide.
92: Regular Maintenance: Planner.
93: Troubleshooting: Steering, Saddle, Wheels.
94: Troubleshooting: Rim Brakes.
95: Troubleshooting: Disc Brakes.
96: Troubleshooting: Drivetrain.