What Do I Read Next?: A Reader's Guide to Current Genre Fiction, 2009 Edition

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By identifying similarities in various books, this annual selection guide helps readers to independently choose titles of interest published in the last year.

Each entry describes a separate book, listing everything readers need to know to make selections. Arranged by author within six genre sections, detailed entries provide:

  • Title
  • Publisher and publication date
  • Series
  • Names and descriptions of characters
  • Time period and geographical setting
  • Review citations
  • Story types
  • Brief plot summary
  • Selected other books by the author
  • Similar books by different authors

Author, title, series, character name, character description, time period, geographic setting and genre/sub-genre indexes are included to facilitate research.


"Any librarian . . . will welcome this annual guide to current genre fiction. Even small libraries will find this volume useful." -- American Reference Books Annual


"Experts in their fields, chosen because of their experience, compile entries as well as essays preceding their respective genre sections, which discuss background and different perspectives. Entries include full bibliographic information, plot summaries, review locations, and alternative reading selections. Entries are also available online at GaleNet, which includes nonfiction and mainstream fiction. The online site is updated twice a year." --ARBA, March 2007