The Pursuit of Murieta, 1st Edition

  • Thomas D. Glagett
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  • ISBN-10: 143282791X
  • ISBN-13: 9781432827915
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  • 240 Pages | Print | Hardcover
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It’s 1853. The notorious bandit Joaquin Murieta and his outlaw gang have ravaged the infant state of California for three years.

Now‚ Murieta has had enough and wants to return to Mexico. Skirting the adobe town of Los Angeles‚ he has no idea that a band of California Rangers led by Ambrose Quick‚ a politically ambitious man‚ are after the killer of a deputy sheriff. They believe that murderer is Murieta. After an exhausting chase the Rangers grievously wound Murieta‚ but he refuses to tell them his name or anything else — until the brandy they give him for the pain loosens his tongue and he tells them he didn’t kill any deputy but he is Joaquin Murieta.

But not all of the Rangers believe him …


"A dramatic, action-packed ride that re-imagines the story of the outlaw who became a legend. Compelling and exciting, rich with vivid details about this colorful historical era." — David Morrell, author of First Blood

— David Morrell

"This fast paced novel gives us a flesh and blood Murieta pursued by flesh and blood lawmen and citizens, whose motives are complex, whose actions are grim. Clagett lays bare the psychology of both the desperado and his pursuers. A fine read." — Thomas Cobb, author of With Blood in Their Eyes

— Thomas Cobb

"Impeccably researched, the legend of Joaquin Murieta is vividly brought to life in this stunning first novel. A fascinating and fun read from an inventive new voice of the American frontier." — Johnny D. Boggs, author of Camp Ford

— Johnny D. Boggs

"Clagett gives us everything we want from a novel of the Old West--a noble, if flawed, hero; wicked but entirely believable villains; and an array of supporting characters who step off vividly from the pages of history and into our imagination." — A. J. Langguth, author of Driven West

— A. J. Langguth