Ukrainian Archives: Road to Palestine: Zionist Movements in Lviv

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Ukrainian Archives: Road to Palestine reflects the essential dynamism of Jewish political and social life in interwar Poland from its development following the reestablishment of Polish independence in 1918 through the Holocaust and focuses on one of the most politicized Jewish communities of interwar Poland: Eastern Galician Jewry and its capital in Lviv. The main strength of this collection is the importance of the regional factors affecting the development of Zionism in Poland in the interwar years.

Ukrainian Archives is comprised of materials in Hebrew, Yiddish, German, Polish, and occasional English-language documents from multiple smaller collections, which includes the files of such organizations as the Jewish Central Emigration Society JEAS; Keren Hayesod, the Society for Reconstruction of Palestine, Lviv; National Palestinian Bureau, Lviv branch; Educational Society for Jewish Youth Hehalutz in Lviv; The Keren Kayemeth Leisrael Society in Lviv; the Jewish Zionist Youth Society Hehalutz Haclal Zioni, among others.

These records are crucial to an understanding of the shape of the Jewish community, the role of Jews in Poland, the growing popularity of Zionism among western Ukraine's Jews, and building of the Jewish state in Palestine. Jewish education in Galicia, Jewish cultural life, professional education and sport activities are also included.

The emphasis on the regional aspect of the development of Zionism in Poland may be used by scholars, whether historians, sociologists or political scientists, interested in comparative research with the addition of new elements to a comparative history of the development of Zionism according to its local and regional roots in Poland.

Complete Collection - 104 reels
Part 1: Zionist Organizations - 75 reels
Part 2: Women's and Children's Organizations - 27 reels
Part 3: Government Records - 2 reels