Administrative Histories of U.S. Civilian Agencies: Korean War

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During the Korean War, a Federal Defense History Program was established, generating a series of reports from the civilian control agencies. Administrative Histories of U.S. Civilian Agencies: Korean War is a collection based on histories of those agencies involved in administering the mobilization of war resources and managing the economy during this difficult time.

Unlike World War II, the Korean War was an unpopular war, taking place during a time when the United States' economy was operating at full capacity. The domestic and foreign problems faced by the civilian agencies were magnified by the competition between military priorities and civilian needs. In addition, the United States was obliged to build up its forces around the world and fulfill its obligation to an open-ended arms race. In retrospect, the Korean War initiated today's massive stockpiling of war materials and the government's direct control over large sectors of private industry and domestic activity. This collection comes with a detailed guide, in the form of a dictionary catalog, arranged by author, title, subject and added entries.

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