Testaments to the Holocaust: Series 2: Thematic Press Cuttings Collection, 1933-1945

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From its earliest days, the Wiener Library gave a high priority to the systematic collection of press materials relating to the NSDAP and its policies, especially those affecting Jewish lives. A particular strength of the collection is the enormous range of newspapers and journals that were cut.

Depth and breadth of coverage were assured by consulting hundreds of less well-known local and professional papers and journals. For different topics, different publications were consulted, resulting in a collection that numbers thousands of press cuttings.

Each part is arranged into major topics that are further broken down by subheadings. For example, the first topic in Part One is The Nazi Party, which comprises ten subsections including SA, SS, Leadership, and Membership. Part Four features three unique reels of rare press cuttings pertaining to the 1938 November Pogrom.

It is estimated that 50% of the cuttings are from German language publications and 50% from publications in other languages, with the majority of these in English. The resulting collection is fascinating in presenting not only a retrospective view of events, but also the full range of contemporary readings and interpretations from around the world--a resource impossible to assemble today.

Part Two: Countries Outside Germany, 1933-1939

Part Three: The Jews In Nazi Germany, 1933-1939

Part Four: Nazi Germany, 1933-1939

Part Five: War-Time Period, 1939-1945

This highly praised microfilm collection is accompanied by a comprehensive index. Available in digital as well as hardcover printed formats, this index will open the contents of the Wiener Library archives to closer inspection than has been possible before, making rare and unique historical material available to a wider public.

Series Two: 152 reels in six parts plus one complimentary index reel

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