Cities around the World: Struggles and Solutions to Urban Life, 1st Edition

  • Jing Luo
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This encyclopedia examines ten critical issues that face cities across the globe today - environmental and societal struggles that affect daily lives of city dwellers. Readers will gain a better understanding of our global neighbors and will be able to use this book to compare and contrast different approaches to critical issues in our world. Volume One examines employment and jobs; energy and sustainability; green spaces; housing and infrastructure; and migration and demographic changes. Volume Two discusses pollution; schools; traffic and transportation; violence, corruption, and organized crime; and waste management. The title provides an overview of each issue from a global perspective, followed by ten alphabetically arranged profiles of world cities that are struggling with the issue and cities that have found innovative solutions. They explain how the problem came to be; consequences inhabitants face; and failed and successful initiatives taken by city management.

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Employment and Jobs.
1: Lagos, Nigeria: Government Reform Is Key to Job Creation.
2: London, United Kingdom: Brexit, the Known Unknown.
3: Mumbai, India: Exploring Employment Solutions in Temporary Jobs.
4: New York City, United States: Economically and Environmentally Friendly.
5: Paris, France: A Locomotive of Job Creation.
6: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Creating Jobs in the Post–Oil-Boom Era.
7: San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States: A Stronger Local Government Is Key to Job Creation.
8: Seattle, United States: Have Job, Going Homeless.
9: Shenzhen, China: Struggle to Leave Shanzhai Behind.
10: Stockholm, Sweden: Employers Stress Educational Credentials.
Energy and Sustainability.
11: Beijing, China: Battling Water Shortage.
12: Copenhagen, Denmark: Striving to Be Carbon-Neutral by 2025.
13: Frankfurt, Germany: Protecting the City from Climate Changes.
14: London, United Kingdom: Improving Mobility Can Save Energy.
15: Melbourne, Australia: Toward a Greater Reliance on Alternative Energy.
16: Mumbai, India: Providing Energy for a City of 21 Million.
17: Pittsburgh, United States: Air Quality Is a Work in Progress.
18: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A City with a Passion for Conservation and Renewable Energy.
19: Singapore City, Singapore: Go Solar!.
20: Toronto, Canada: A City with a Passion for Energy Conservation.
Green Spaces.
21: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE): Building a Greener City with a More Open Culture.
22: Aguascalientes, Mexico: Returning Industrial Ruin to Green Space.
23: Halifax, Canada: Near-Urban Wilderness Protection.
24: Hong Kong, China: Adding Green Spaces to Densely Populated Neighborhoods.
25: Moscow, Russia: Planting 1 Million Trees.
26: New York City, United States: Pursuit of More Green.
27: Paris, France: Returning to Nature.
28: Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Building an Edible City.
29: Tel Aviv, Israel: Community Gardening.
30: Tokyo, Japan: Making the City More Livable.
Housing and Infrastructure.
31: Almaty, Kazakhstan: Housing Reform.
32: Caracas, Venezuela: Will Informal Settlement Be Forever?.
33: Chongqing, China: Chongqing's Ingenuity in Providing Public Housing for a City of 33 Million.
34: Dandong, China: One Bridge, Two Islands.
35: Detroit, United States: Housing and Infrastructure after the Auto Boom.
36: Havana, Cuba: Facing Challenges of Housing and Infrastructure in Economic Transition.
37: Munich, Germany: The Munich Wall.
38: Sydney, Australia: Struggle for Affordable Housing.
39: Touba, Senegal: A Spiritual Solution to Affordable Housing.
40: Vienna, Austria: Making Access to Public Housing Equitable.
Migration and Demographic Changes.
41: Buenos Aires, Argentina: Impact of European Migration.
42: Guangzhou, China: Foreign Communities Facing Challenges of Adaptation.
43: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Reaching for Demographic Dividend.
44: Lima, Peru: Migration and Demographic Changes Driven by Climate Changes.
45: London, United Kingdom: Facing the Challenges of Population Growth.
46: Los Angeles, United States: A Dynamic Demographic Mix.
47: Tehran, Iran: Toward a More Open and Tolerant Society.
48: Tokyo, Japan: Sustainable Growth Calls for Immigration Reform.
49: Vancouver, Canada: The Most Asian City in the Western World.
50: Williamsport, United States: A Quiet Town in Deep Pennsylvania.