Celebrating Life Customs around the World: From Baby Showers to Funerals Programs, 1st Edition

  • Victoria Williams
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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
  • 1295 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2016 | Published/Released January 2017
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This book documents hundreds of customs and traditions practiced in countries outside of the United States, showcasing the diversity of birth, coming-of-age, and death celebrations worldwide.

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Geographical List of Entries.
1: Akan Baby-Naming Ceremonies, Ghana.
2: Akka Goddess Customs, Saami.
3: Apache Baby Ceremonies, Apache.
4: Atiq Ceremony, Inuit.
5: Baba Marta, Bulgaria.
6: Babinden: Day of the Midwife, Bulgaria.
7: Baby Gender Prediction Chart, China.
8: Baby Racing, International.
9: Baby Showers, International.
10: Baby Welcoming, Paganism.
11: Baptism and Christening, Christianity.
12: Bedwetting Remedies, Traditional, International.
13: Beschuit Met Muisjes, Suikerboon, and Dragées, Europe.
14: Birth Trees, International.
15: Birthday Cakes, International.
16: Birthday Candles, International.
17: Birthday Cards, International.
18: Birthday Torments, International.
19: Birthdays, International.
20: Birthstones, International.
21: Bismillah Ceremony, Islam.
22: Blessingway Ceremony, Navajo.
23: Blidworth Cradle Rocking Ceremony, England.
24: Blooding, United Kingdom.
25: Blue Peter Badge, United Kingdom.
26: Breastfeeding, International.
27: Brit Milah, Judaism.
28: Bulgarian Birth Customs, Bulgaria.
29: Burying the Placenta, International.
30: Calabash Chalk, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.
31: Cardboard Box Beds, Finland.
32: Cerne Abbas Giant, England.
33: Changeling Beliefs, International.
34: Child Beauty Pageants, International.
35: Childermas, Christianity.
36: Childhood Vaccinations, International.
37: Children’s Laureate, United Kingdom.
38: Chinese Pregnancy and Birth Rituals, China (Including Taiwan).
39: Christening Gown, Christianity.
40: Christingle, United Kingdom.
41: Churching of Women, Christianity.
42: Couvade, International.
43: Covering the Belly Button Traditions, Latin America.
44: Cradleboard, Native American.
45: Crying-Baby Sumo Competition, Japan.
46: Cutting the Umbilical Cord Traditions, International.
47: Dala Horse, Sweden.
48: Devadasi System, India.
49: Dream Catcher, Native American.
50: Eating Human Placenta, International.
51: El Bolo, Mexico.
52: El Salto Del Colacho Baby Jumping Festival, Spain.
53: Entering the Bashali, Pakistan.
54: Fady, Madagascar.
55: Fairytales, International.
56: Father’s Day, International.
57: Fire-Hair Shaving and Khwan Ceremonies, Thailand.
58: First Communion, Christianity.
59: Food Taboos in Pregnancy, International.
60: Ghanaian Birthday Traditions, Ghana.
61: Girl Guides, International.
62: Government-Approved Baby Names, International.
63: Grasmere Rushbearing, England.
64: Groaning Cheese and Groaning Cake, United Kingdom and North America.
65: “Happy Birthday” Song, International.
66: Hesono-o: Wrapping Umbilical Cord As Keepsake, Japan.
67: Hindu Baby Rituals, Hinduism.
68: Hopi Naming Rites, Hopi.
69: Jamu Medicine and Massage, Indonesia.
70: Kangaroo Care, International.
71: Kodomo No Hi: Children’s Day, Japan.
72: Korean Childbirth Customs, Korea.
73: Kumari and Deuki, Nepal.
74: Kyrgyzstani Childhood Traditions, Kyrgyzstan.
75: La Cuarentena, Latin America.
76: Ladybird Books, England.
77: Lamaze Technique and Bradley Method, International.
78: Latvian Birth Traditions, Latvia.
79: Legong, Indonesia.
80: Little Edith’s Treat, England.
81: Lohusa ŞErbeti, Turkey.
82: Lotus Birthing, International.
83: Lullabies, International.
84: May Crowning Ritual, Catholicism.
85: Mistletoe, International.
86: “Monday’s Child,” England.
87: Monstrous Punishments For Naughty Children, International.
88: Moon-Yuet, China.
89: Mother Roasting, Southeast Asia.
90: Mothering Sunday, Christianity.
91: Mundan Ceremony, India.
92: Muslim Birth Rites, Islam.
93: Muslim Male Circumcision, Islam.
94: Mutterpass, Germany, and Carnet De Santé Maternité, France.
95: Name Days, Catholic and Orthodox, and Slava, Serbian Orthodox.
96: Nativity Play, International.
97: Navjote Ceremony: Zoroastrian Initiation, Zoroastrianism.
98: Nordic Napping, Europe.
99: Nursery Rhymes, International.
100: Nyabutan Ceremony, Indonesia.
101: Obando Fertility Dance, Philippines.
102: One-Child Policy, China.
103: Oshichiya Meimeishiki, Hyakunichimairi, and Okuizome, Japan.
104: Pantomime, United Kingdom.
105: Parental Leave, International.
106: Party Games, International.
107: Pasni Weaning Ceremony, Nepal.
108: Phallus Festivals, International.
109: Pidyon Haben: Redemption of the First Born, Judaism.
110: Piñata, Mexico.
111: Potty Training, International.
112: Pregnancy Yoga, International.
113: Quccija, Malta.
114: Saining, Scotland.
115: Saint Nicholas, Christianity.
116: Sambatra Mass Circumcision Festival, Madagascar.
117: Sarung Buaian, Malaysia.
118: Scouts, International.
119: Scroggling the Holly, England.
120: Sebou, Egypt.
121: Setsubun: Children’s Bean-Throwing Festival, Japan.
122: Shengxiao, China.
123: Sikh Baby Rites and Naam Karan Naming Ceremony, Sikhism.
124: Silver Spoon, United Kingdom.
125: Slow Parenting Movement, International.
126: Spitting On Babies, International.
127: Sprinkling Cake, Ireland.
128: Steiner Schools, International.
129: Swaddling, International.
130: Tibetan Pregnancy and Birth Customs, Tibet.
131: Tooth Fairy and Tooth Mouse, International.
132: Traditional Teething Remedies, International.
133: Trokosi: Female Ritual Servitude, Ghana, Benin, and Togo.
134: Tuj, Guatemala.
135: Upanayana: Sacred Thread Ritual, Hinduism.
136: Waldkindergärten, International.
137: Warding off the Evil Eye, International.
138: Water Birth, International.
139: Wedding Ring Test, United Kingdom.
140: Weihnachtsmärchen and Advent Calendars, Germany.
141: Wetting the Baby’s Head, International.
142: Whuppity Scoorie and Lanimer Day, Scotland.
143: Wiccaning, Wicca.
144: Wik-Mungkan Naming Ceremony, Aborigine, Australia.
145: Witch Ball, International.
146: Worry Dolls and Katsina Dolls, Guatemala and Hopi.
147: Zuo Yuezi, China.
148: Zur-Zur and Yankan Gishiri, Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Selected Bibliography For Volume 1.