UXL Endangered Species, 3rd Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 6th Grade - 8th Grade
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This thorough revision of the 2nd edition (2004) spans three full-color volumes and covers endangered and threatened mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mollusks, insects, arachnids, corals, crustaceans, and plants. This 3rd edition, featuring 38 new species, reflects changes in the endangered and threatened status of the 242 species profiled. Each entry provides the species' common/scientific names, classification information, and current status according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the Endangered Species Act, description, location, reason for endangerment, and measures being taken to protect it. Entries are divided into sections by classes; entries within each class are arranged alphabetically. Color photographs and maps add visual context; some entries include sidebars on related subjects. A glossary, subject index, bibliography, classroom projects and activities section, and critical thinking questions round out the set.

Features and Benefits

  • Critical-thinking questions (new section) helps students understand why species become endangered and what role the loss of species has on the natural world.

What's New

  • 38 new entries showing the diversity of species facing extinction.
  • New section added on corals.
  • Thoroughly updated entries noting any change in the species status as well as recent conservation measures being taken to preserve the species.
  • New photos and updated maps provide a visual look at the species and its location.
  • Classroom projects and activities (new section) helps students learn more about endangered and threatened species.

Alternate Formats

  • Casebound Edition

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Table of Contents

Anteater, Giant.
Armadillo, Giant.
Ass, African Wild.
Bandicoot, Golden.
Bat, Gray.
Bat, Indiana.
Bear, Grizzly.
Bear, Polar.
Bear, Sun.
Bison, American.
Bison, European.
Buffalo, Wild Water.
Camel, Bactrian.
Chinchilla, Short-tailed.
Civet, Malabar Large Spotted.
Deer, Musk.
Dog, African Wild.
Dolphin, Ganges River.
Echidna, Long-beaked.
Elephant, African.
Elephant, Asian.
Ferret, Black-footed.
Fox, Island Gray.
Gazelle, Dama.
Gibbon, Hoolock.
Hippopotamus, Pygmy.
Hog, Pygmy.
Horse, Przewalski's.
Hyena, Brown.
Kangaroo, Matschie's Tree.
Lemur, Mongoose.
Leopard, snow.
Lynx, Iberian.
Manatee, West Indian.
Marmoset, White-eared.
Marmot, Vancouver Island.
Mink, European.
Mole, Giant Golden.
Monkey, Central American Squirrel.
Monkey, Woolly Spider.
Otter, Marine.
Panda, Giant.
Panda, Red.
Pangolin, Long-tailed.
Porcupine, Thin-spined.
Possum, Mountain Pygmy.
Prairie Dog, Mexican.
Rabbit, Volcano.
Rat, Giant Kangaroo.
Rhinoceros, Black.
Rhinoceros, Northern White.
Saiga, Mongolian.
Seal, Hawaiian Monk.
Sea Lion, Steller's.
Tamarin, Golden Lion.
Tapir, Central American.
Wallaby, Brindled Nail-Tailed.
Whale, Blue.
Wolf, Gray.
Wolf, Maned.
Wolf, Red.
Wombat, Northern Hairy-Nosed.
Yak, Wild.
Zebra, Grevy's.
Harvestman, Bee Creek Cave.
Spider, No-eyed Big-eyed Wolf.
Spider, Tooth Cave.
Tarantula, Peacock.
Tarantula, Red-Kneed.
Albatross, Short-tailed.
Blackbird, Yellow-shouldered.
Booby, Abbott's.
Bullfinch, Azores.
Cassowary, Southern.
Condor, California.
Cormorant, Galápagos.
Crane, Siberian.
Crane, Whooping.
Curlew, Eskimo.
Duck, Laysan.
Eagle, Bald.
Eagle, Martial.
Eagle, Philippine.
Egret, Chinese.
Finch, Laysan.
Flamingo, Andean.
Goose, Hawaiian.
Grebe, Puna.
Ground-Dove, Purple-winged.
Grouse, Gunnison Sage.
Gull, Audouin's.
Hawk, Galápagos.
Hawk, Hawaiian.
Honeycreepers, crested.
Ibis, Northern Bald.
Kestrel, Mauritius.
Lovebird, Black-cheeked.
Macaw, Lear's.
Magpie-Robin, Seychelles.
Murrelet, Marbled.
Owl, Northern Spotted.
Parakeet, Golden.
Parrot, Imperial.
Parrot, Thick-billed.
Partridge, Sichuan Hill.
Pelican, Dalmation.
Penguin, African.
Penguin, Yellow-eyed.
Pheasant, Cheer.
Plover, Piping.
Quetzal, Resplendent.
Rail, Lord Howe Wood.
Robins, Chatham Islands.
Spatuletail, Marvelous.
Starling, Rothchild's.
Stork, Oriental white.
Teal, Madagascar.
Thrasher, White-breasted.
Vireo, Black-capped.
Vulture, Cape.
Vulture, Indian.
Warbler, Kirtland's.
Woodpecker, Red-cockaded.
Amphipod, Illinois Cave.
Crayfish, Hell Creek Cave.
Isopod, Madison Cave.
Shrimp, California Freshwater.
Shrimp, Kentucky cave.
Shrimp, Tadpole.
Ant, Australian.
Bee, Morrison bumble.
Beetle, American Burying.
Butterfly, Bay Checkerspot.
Butterfly, Monarch.
Butterfly, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing.
Dragonfly, Hine's Emerald.
Fly, Delhi Sands Flower-Loving.
Grasshopper, Zayante Band-Winged.
Louse, Pygmy Hog Sucking.
Moth, Blackburn's Sphinx.
Mussel, Dwarf Wedge.
Mussel, Fat Pocketbook Pearly.
Mussel, Freshwater pearl.
Mussel, Ring Pink.
Pearlymussel, Little-wing.
Snail, Manus Island Tree.
Spinymussel, James River.
Frog, California Red-legged.
Frog, Goliath.
Newt, Luristan.
Salamander, California tiger.
Salamander, Chinese Giant.
Salamander, Texas Blind.
Toad, Houston.
Toad, Wyoming.
Catfish, Giant.
Cod, Atlantic.
Eel, American.
Pupfish, Desert.
Salmon, Danube.
Sawfish, Freshwater.
Sculpin, Pygmy.
Seahorse, Knysna.
Shark, Borneo.
Shark, Great Hammerhead.
Sturgeon, Baltic.
Sucker, Shortnose.
Trout, Bull.
Tuna, Southern bluefin.
Barberry, Nevin's.
Cactus, Agave Living-rock.
Cactus, Golf ball.
Cedar, Bermuda.
Cress, Braun's Rock.
Cycad, Natal Grass.
Cypress, Saharan.
Dragon tree, Gabal Elba.
Fir, Baishan.
Goldenrod, Short's.
Mahogany, American.
Orchid, Eastern Prairie Fringed.
Palm, Argun.
Palm, Carossier.
Pine, Bigcone Pinyon.
Pine, Whitebark.
Pitcher Plant, Green.
Pogonia, Small Whorled.
Rhododendron, Chapman's.
Rosewood, Brazilian.
Sequoia, Giant.
Silversword, Ka`u.
Torreya, Florida.
Trillium, Persistent.
Wild Rice, Texas.
Alligator, Chinese.
Anole, Culebra Island Giant.
Chameleon, Belalanda.
Crocodile, American.
Crocodile, Orinoco.
Gecko, Monito.
Iguana, Fiji Banded.
Iguana, Grand Cayman blue.
Lizard, Blunt-nosed Leopard.
Lizard, Hierro Giant.
Monitor, Komodo Island.
Pitviper, Ruby-eyed.
Python, Indian.
Rattlesnake, Santa Catalina Island.
Tortoise, Angulated.
Tortoise, Desert.
Tortoise, Galápagos Giant.
Turtle, Bog.
Turtle, Central American River.
Turtle, Green Sea.
Turtle, Leatherback Sea.
Viper, Meadow.