American Economic History: A Dictionary and Chronology, 1st Edition

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A study of the U.S. economy is important to understanding U.S. politics, society, and culture. To make that study easier, this dictionary offers concise essays on more than 1,200 economics-related topics. Entries cover a broad array of pivotal information on historical events, legislation, economic terms, labor unions, inventions, interest groups, elections, court cases, economic policies and philosophies, economic institutions, and global processes. Economics-focused biographies and company profiles are featured as sidebars, and the work also includes both a chronology of major events in U.S. economic history and a selective bibliographyEncompassing U.S. history since 1776 with an emphasis on recent decades, entries range from topics related to the early economic formation of the republic to those that explore economic aspects of information technology in the 21st century. The work is written to be clearly understood by upper-level high school students, but offers sufficient depth to appeal to undergraduates. In addition, the general public will be attracted by informative discussions of everything from clean energy to what keeps interest rates low.

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1: Adair V. United States (208 U.S. 161).
2: Adams, John Quincy.
3: Adamson Act.
4: Adams–Onís Treaty.
5: Addyston Pipe and Steel Company V. U.S. (175 U.S. 211).
6: Adjusted Compensation Act of 1936.
7: Adkins V. Children’s Hospital (261 U.S. 525).
8: Advertising.
9: Affirmative Action.
10: Affordable Care Act.
11: Afghanistan War and the War on Terror.
12: Agency for International Development.
13: Agribusiness.
14: Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933.
15: Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938.
16: Agricultural Adjustment Administration.
17: Agricultural Credits Act of 1923.
18: Agricultural Marketing Act of 1929.
19: Agricultural Marketing Agreement of 1937.
20: Agricultural Revolution.
21: Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954.
22: Agriculture, Department of.
23: Agriculture Act of 1948.
24: Agriculture Act of 1954.
25: Agriculture Act of 1970.
26: Agriculture Act of 1973.
27: Aid to Families with Dependent Children.
28: Air Mail Act of 1925.
29: Air Mail Act of 1934.
30: Airline Deregulation Act of 1978.
31: Airline Pilots Association.
32: Alaska Commercial Company.
33: Alaska Pipeline.
34: Aldrich, Winthrop Williams.
35: Alliance for Progress.
36: Altmeyer, Arthur Joseph.
37: Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel, and Tin Workers.
38: Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.
39: Amazon.
40: American Agricultural Movement.
41: American Association for Old Age Security.
42: American Association of Retired Persons.
43: American Bimetallic League.
44: American Colonization Society.
45: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI).
46: American Farm Bureau Federation.
47: American Federation of Labor.
48: American Federation of Labor–congress of Industrial Organizations.
49: American Federation of Teachers.
50: American Medical Association.
51: American Motors Corporation.
52: American Railway Union.
53: American Revolution.
54: American Stock Exchange.
55: American System.
56: American Telephone and Telegraph.
57: Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP).
58: Amtrak.
59: Annapolis Convention.
60: Antitrust.
61: Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965.
62: Apple.
63: Arab Oil Embargo of 1973–1974.
64: Arbitrage.
65: Armour, Philip Danforth.
66: “Arsenal of Democracy”.
67: Articles of Confederation.
68: Ashwander Et Al. V. Tennessee Valley Authority (297 U.S. 288).
69: Associationalism.
70: Assumption of State Debts.
71: Astor, John Jacob.
72: Astor, William Vincent.
73: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway.
74: Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.
75: Atomic Energy Act of 1954.
76: Automobile.
77: Awalt, Francis Gloyd.
78: Bailey V. Drexel Furniture (259 U.S. 20).
79: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
80: Bank Holiday.
81: Bank of America.
82: Bank of the United States.
83: Bankhead Cotton Control Act of 1934.
84: Bankhead–Jones Farm Tenancy Act of 1937.
85: Banking Act of 1933.
86: Banking Act of 1935.
87: Barton, Bruce.
88: Baruch, Bernard Mannes.
89: Beard, Charles Austin.
90: Bechtel, Stephen Davison.
91: Beck, David.
92: Beef Trust Cases.
93: Beer Tax Act.
94: Bell, Alexander Graham.
95: Benefits.
96: Bering Sea Controversy.
97: Berle, Adolf Augustus.
98: Bernanke, Ben.
99: Berry, George Leonard.
100: Biddle, Nicholas.
101: Bimetallism.
102: Birdseye, Clarence.
103: Bitcoin.
104: Black, Eugene Robert.
105: Black, John Donald.
106: Black Belt.
107: Black Codes.
108: “Black Monday”: Part I.
109: “Black Monday”: Part II.
110: “Black Thursday”.
111: “Black Tuesday”.
112: Bland, Richard Parks.
113: Blue-collar.
114: Boeing, William Edward.
115: Boll Weevil.
116: Bolshevism.
117: Bonneville Power Administration.
118: Bonus Army.
119: Borden, Gail.
120: Boston Police Strike of 1919.
121: Boston Tea Party of 1773.
122: Boyer, Joseph.
123: Boyle, William Anthony.
124: Braceros.
125: Brain Trust.
126: Brandeis, Louis Dembitz.
127: Breadlines.
128: Bretton Woods Conference.
129: Brook Farm.
130: Brookings, Robert Somers.
131: Brookings Institution.
132: Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.
133: Brown, Harvey Winfield.
134: Bryan, William Jennings.
135: Bryce, James.
136: Bucareli Agreement of 1923.

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