Geographers and Explorers, 1st Edition

  • Series Name: Scribner Science Reference Series
  • Volume 4
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A collection of biographical profiles of famous explorers and geographers who have contributed in various ways to the advancement of geographical knowledge. Entries are arranged alphabetically and range from a half page to several pages. They cover the years between 1001 when Leif Erikson arrived in Newfoundland through 1986, when Donald Meinig published The Shaping Of America: A Geographical Perspective On 500 Years Of History.

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Scribner Science Reference Series

This series was specially written and designed for students to support science, history and social studies research in Grades 7-10. Each volume contains about 90 profiles of scientists throughout history and from all parts of the world. Sidebar stories, timelines, illustrations, and marginal definitions illuminate the text and each volume concludes with a comprehensive index. This continuing series will introduce two volumes each year covering scientists, events and issues.


"Many appealing features are found in both volumes,..All information is clearly and concisely written...the interesting, little-known facts and accomplishments that make these a fascinating read...this series offer a unique perspective...recommended purchases for junior- and senior-high-school collections, where they will be valuable research tools, especially for reports public libraries should seriously consider them as well." -- Booklist (March 2002)

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"...useful reference for secondary students. Readers can gain new information about familiar names as well as learn about new personages...Unfamiliar terms are defined." -- ARBA (2002)