Supplement to the Papers of Carlos Montezuma, M.D.

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Now available from Scholarly Resources is the supplement to the Papers of Carlos Montezuma, M.D. This new microfilm collection complements the original collection of the papers of Native American physician, author, and Indian-rights activist Carlos Montezuma (c. 1867-1923). One of the leaders who formed the Society of American Indians, Montezuma urged assimilation, citizenship, and the abolition of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He fought for Yavapai land rights, published a monthly newsletter, Wassaja, which promoted the Indian cause, and drafted an Indian citizenship bill that became law a year after his death.

This supplement includes biographical information; correspondence (1887-1921); essays, speeches and testimony; medical information; and material relating to his wife, Maria Keller Montezuma Moore, and his attorney, Joseph W. Latimer.

This new material is indexed in the guide to the initial collection, making accessing information as easy as possible. All those who have used the original set will find this supplement to be an equally valuable resource on Native American and medical history.

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  • John W. Larner Jr.