Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering, 1st Edition

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The integrated and advanced science research topic Man-Machine-Environment system engineering (MMESE) was first established in China by Professor Shengzhao Long in 1981, with direct support from one of the greatest modern Chinese scientists, Xuesen Qian. In a letter to Shengzhao Long from October 22nd, 1993, Xuesen Qian wrote: "You have created a very important modern science and technology in China!" MMESE primarily focuses on the relationship between man, machines and the environment, studying the optimum combination of man-machine-environment systems. In this system, "man" refers to people in the workplace (e.g. operators, decision-makers); " machine" is the general name for any object controlled by man (including tools, machinery, computers, systems and technologies), and "environment" describes the specific working conditions under which man and machine interact (e.g. temperature, noise, vibration, hazardous gases etc.). The three goals of optimization of Man-Machine-Environment systems are to ensure safety, efficiency and economy. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering are an academic showcase of the best papers selected from more than 400 submissions, introducing readers to the top research topics and the latest developmental trends in the theory and application of MMESE. These proceedings are interdisciplinary studies on the concepts and methods of physiology, psychology, system engineering, computer science, environment science, management, education, and other related disciplines. Researchers and professionals working in these interdisciplinary fields and researchers on MMESE related topics will benefit from these proceedings.

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Xuesen Qian's Sky-high Estimation.
Xuesen Qian's Congratulatory Letter.
Program and Technical Committee Information.
Program and Technical Committee Members.
Biography of Editor-in-Chief.
1: Research on the Man Character.
2: Research on Fatigue Risk Management of Airport Staff.
3: The Foot Sizes of Chinese Male Pilots.
4: Effect of Exhaustive Swimming on the Kidney Urinary Concentration Function.
5: Heart Rate Changes Induced by Rest-Workload Alternating Pattern.
6: Method of Formulating the Physical Fitness Standard of Serviceman.
7: Fatigue Analysis of Load Carriage Marching.
8: Pilot Error and Error Recovery.
9: Research on Evaluation of Operation Command Capacity for Growing Cadre Students Position Training.
10: Countermeasures to Improve the Role Quality of a College Course Designer.
11: Improved Air Defense Command Personnel Training Quality Several Ponders.
12: Modeling and Analysis on Quayside Crane Loading/Unloading Based on Event Sequence Diagram.
13: Study on the Relationship Between Sitting Time Tolerance and Body Pressure Distribution.
14: Modeling and Application Virtual Human for Ergonomics Evaluation of Armored Vehicle.
15: Research on the Machine Character.
16: Car Collision Compatibility Research and Improvement Measures.
17: Study on Methods of Electric Vehicle Safety Test.
18: Improvement on Jiangxi Digital Seismological Network.
19: Electronic Control Technologies for Safety of Modern Automobiles and Their Development Trend.
20: Construction of the Special Vehicle Dynamic Simulation System Based on Virtools.
21: Study on the Application of RFID in the Visible Military Logistics.
22: Research on the File Encryption System Based on Minifilter Driver.
23: Research on the Method for Simulating 3D Dynamic Process in Two-Dimensional Space and its Application in Developing Audio and Video Electronic Textbook.
24: Kernel-Based Enhanced Maximum Margin Criterion Algorithm for High-Dimensional Feature Extraction.
25: Research of Big-Data Mining Visualization Application.
26: Research on the Environment Character.
27: Research on the Background Noise of Ordinary Classrooms.
28: Cab Suspension Vibration Isolation Analysis Based on Vibration Decoupling Theory.
29: Hardware in the Loop Simulation for Electromagnetic Environment Based on the Software Definable Signal Generator.
30: Research of Detecting Positions Electromagnetic Signal Leakage by Using Sensor Network.
31: Examination of the Problems in LAN-Based Instruction Environment: From the Perspective of CLES.
32: Research of 3D Virtual Sounds in Cockpit: Calculation, Measurement, and Individuation Customization in Aviators’ HRTFs.
33: Application of LED in Aircraft Lighting.
34: Research of Five-Kilometer Armed Off-Road Training Teaching Experiment.
35: Research on the Man-Machin Relationship.
36: Research of PowerPoint Interactive Technology.
37: Design and Research of Lunar Rover Human-Computer Interactive Roaming System.
38: The Study of Human-Computer Interaction Virtual Design.
39: Design Principles to Improve Man-Machine Friendliness for Interactive PPT Presentation.
40: Study on Influencing Factors of Human to the Performance.
41: Requirement Analyses of City Frequency Management System Based on Man-Machine Interface.
42: Study on Man-Machine Interface Multimedia PowerPoint Designing.
43: Research and Design on IETM for a Type of UAV.
44: Research on the Man-Environment Relationship.
45: Study on Safety Analysis of Passengers Hitting Frontally on Rigid Wall.
46: Research on the Relationship Between Threat and Crew Error in Civil Aviation.
47: Test and Analysis on Insulation of Sleeping Bag.
48: Dynamics Response of Head and Neck Under -Gx.
49: Effect of Deep-Breath Biofeedback on Heart Rate Variability and Blood Pressure at High Altitude.
50: Effects of Microwave Radiation on the Blood Routine of Different Subjects.
51: Protection and Ergonomics Analysis About Two Types of Partial Pressure Suits.
52: Change Rules of Performance of Multi-Person and Multi-Machine Operation Under Low-Temperature Conditions.
53: Comparative Analysis on the Performance of Different Students in Five Kilometers Armed Off-road Running.
54: Analysis of Influence on Operation Reliability by Interior Environment of a Certain Self-propelled Anti-air System.
55: Research on How to Improve Combat Efficiency of Air Defense Forces Under the Complex Electromagnetic Environment.
56: Discrimination Characteristics of Physical Determinants for Tactile Roughness Sensation of Fabric Surface Textures.
57: Design and Development of Novel Ventilated Clothing.
58: Experimental Study of Inattentional Blindness Under Altitude Environment.
59: Research on the Machine-Environment Relationship.
60: Development of a Centralized Lubrication System for Vehicle Chassis.
61: Study on Southeast and Inshore Area Environmental Worthiness of a Certain Equipment.
62: Research on the Overall Performance of Man-Machine-Environment System.
63: Human Reliability Analysis of Traffic Safety.
64: Design of Virtual Training System Based on 3D Interactive Graphics.
65: Operation Measurement in Deploying Phase of a Certain Chariot Based on Stopwatch Time Study.
66: Research of Five Kilometers Armed Off-Road Training Methods.
67: Study on Improving Operating Performance of Human Factors.
68: Practice of Virtual Reality Case Teaching Using in the Military Training Based on Virtools.
69: Predicting the Trend of Flight Safety State by According to Variation of Flight System State.
70: Theory and Application Research.
71: Scientific and Technical Informatics of Manned Space Based on Xuesen Qian's Systematic Theory.
72: Review of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering in Maritime Technology.
73: Application of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering to Create a New World of Changqing Oilfield.
74: Application of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering in Special Forces.
75: Application of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering in Teaching.
76: Construction of Assessment Indicator System of Tourism Destination Safety Based on the Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering.
77: Integrated Analysis of System Reliability and Safety by Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering.
78: Analysis of DoD 2011–2012 New HE General Standards.
79: Establishment of Military Ergonomics.
Erratum to: Research on the Background Noise of Ordinary Classrooms.