Cpt And Lorentz Symmetry: Proceedings Of The Sixth Meeting, 1st Edition

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This book contains the Proceedings of the Sixth Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry, held at Indiana University in Bloomington on June 17-21, 2013. The Meeting focused on tests of these fundamental symmetries and on related theoretical issues, including scenarios for possible violations.Topics covered at the meeting include searches for CPT and Lorentz violations involving: accelerator and collider experiments; atomic, nuclear, and particle decays; birefringence, dispersion, and anisotropy in cosmological sources; clock-comparison measurements; electromagnetic resonant cavities and lasers; tests of the equivalence principle; gauge and Higgs particles; high-energy astrophysical observations; laboratory tests of gravity; matter interferometry; neutrino oscillations and propagation; oscillations and decays of neutral mesons; particle-antiparticle comparisons; post-newtonian gravity in the solar system and beyond; second- and third-generation particles; space-based missions; spectroscopy of hydrogen and antihydrogen; spin-polarized matter; and time-of-flight measurements. Theoretical discussions include physical effects at the level of the Standard Model, General Relativity, and beyond; the possible origins and mechanisms for Lorentz and CPT violations; classical and quantum issues in field theory, particle physics, gravity, and string theory; and mathematical foundations including Finsler geometry.

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1: Bounds on LLI Violation and Long-Range Spin-Spin Interactions Using Hg, Cs, and the Earth.
2: Antihydrogen, CPT, and Naturalness.
3: Testing Lorentz Symmetry with the Double Chooz Experiment.
4: Galileo Galilei (GG) Space Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle to 10−17: The Key Features.
5: Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model with He/xe Clock Comparison Experiments.
6: Using Binary Pulsars to Test Lorentz Symmetry in the Gravitational Sector.
7: A New Approach to Search for Lorentz Invariance Violation in β Decay.
8: Relevance and Prospects of MAGIC Telescope Gamma-Ray Observations for Lorentz Symmetry Tests.
9: Comments on Lorentz and CPT Violation.
10: Testing Periodic Local Position Invariance Using Long-Term Comparison of the SYRTE Atomic Fountains and H-Masers.
11: CPT Test with (Anti)Proton Magnetic Moments Based on Quantum Logic Cooling and Readout.
12: Tests of the Lorentz and CPT Symmetries at the Planck Energy Scale from X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Observations.
13: An Odd (Parity) Test of Lorentz Symmetry with Atomic Dysprosium.
14: Lorentz and CPT Violation in the Neutrino Sector.
15: The Search for Neutrino-Antineutrino Mixing from Lorentz-Invariance Violation Using Neutrino Interactions in MINOS.
16: Terrestrial vs. Spaceborne, Quantum vs. Classical Tests of the Equivalence Principle.
17: Higher-Order Lorentz Violation.
18: Towards a Measurement of the Free Fall of Antihydrogen with the AEGIS Experiment.
19: Tests of Lorentz Invariance Using High-Energy Astrophysics Observations.
20: The KATRIN Experiment: Status and Outlook.
21: Status of Matter-Gravity Couplings in the SME.
22: Lorentz and CPT Violation in the Hydrogen Spectrum.
23: Testing the Universality of Free Fall with a Dual-Species Atom Interferometer on STE-QUEST.
24: Test of Lorentz Invariance with a RB-21NE Comagnetometer at the South Pole.
25: Sensitivity of Atmospheric Neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande to Lorentz Violation.
26: Search for CPT and Lorentz Symmetry Violation in Neutral Kaons at KLOE/KLOE-2.
27: How to Test the SME with Space Missions?.
28: Neutrino Velocity Measurements with MINOS.
29: Prospects for a Global Network of Optical Magnetometers for Exotic Physics (GNOME).
30: Lorentz-Violating Photons with a Mass Term.
31: Testing the Equivalence Principle 10,000 Times Better on a Sounding Rocket.
32: Covariant Photon Quantization in the SME.
33: Using Microwave Cavities to Test Lorentz Invariance.
34: Using Quantum Entanglement to Study CP and CPT Violations.
35: A CPT-Even Lorentz-Violating Nonminimal Coupling between Fermions and Photons.
36: Ultra-Stable Cryogenic Optical Resonators for Tests of Fundamental Physics.
37: What We Really Know about Neutrino Speeds.
38: Lorentz Violation and Gravity.
39: Lorentz Violation in Top-Quark Physics.
40: Testing for CPT Violation in B0s Semileptonic Decays.
41: Nuclear β Decay with Lorentz Violation.
42: Remarks on Finsler Geometry and Lorentz Violation.
43: Lorentz Violation in a Uniform Gravitational Field.
44: Obtaining Bounds from Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays in Isotropic Modified Maxwell Theory.
45: Modern Ives-Stilwell Experiments at Storage Rings: Large Boosts Meet High Precision.
46: Renormalization in QED and QFT with a Lorentz and CPT-Violating Background.
47: Constraints on Violations of Lorentz Symmetry from Gravity Probe B.
48: The Influence of Lorentz Violation on UHE Photon Detection.
49: Limits on Lorentz Violation in Neutral-Kaon Decay.
50: Search for Lorentz Violation in Top Quark Pair Production and Decay.
51: The Källén-Lehmann Representation in Lorentz-Violating Field Theory.
52: Time–Varying Nuclear Decay Parameters and Dark Matter.
53: Lorentz Violation and Topological Defects.
54: Testing Lorentz Invariance with a Double-Pass Optical Ring Cavity.
55: Laser Time-Transfer and Space-Time Reference in Orbit.
56: Equivalence Principle in Cosmology.
57: Unitarity, Ghosts, and Nonminimal Terms in Lorentz-Violating QED.
58: Laboratory Search for Spin-Dependent Short-Range Force from Axion-like Particles Using Optically Polarized 3He Gas.
59: Local Lorentz-Symmetry Breaking and Gravity.
60: Generation of Axion Couplings VIA Lorentz Violation.
61: Finite One-Loop Radiative Corrections in the Lorentz-and CPT-Violating QED Extension.
62: Macroscopic Objects, Intrinsic Spin, and Lorentz Violation.
63: Application of Laser Frequency Combs and Nitrogen Vacancy Diamond Magnetometers to Searches for New Physics.
64: Using a Rotating Magnetic Guiding Field for the 3HE-129XE Comagnetometer.
65: Classification of Relativity Theories by Dispersion Relation.
66: Bipartite Finsler Spaces and the Bumblebee Model.
67: Microlocal Methods in Quantum Field Theory and Their Use in Proving Renormalizability in SME and Tachyonic Models.
68: Renormalization and Asymptotic States in Lorentz-Violating Quantum Field Theory.
69: Constraints on Spin Independent Forces at the ∼100 NM Range by Means of a Micromechanical Oscillator.
70: Cardinal Gravity.
71: BPS Maxwell-Chern-Simons-Like Vortices in a Lorentz-Violating Framework.
72: Observer and Particle Transformations and Newton's Laws.