Street Food around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, 1st Edition

  • Editor: Bruce Kraig, Colleen Taylor Sen
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Street foods run deep throughout human history and show the movements of peoples and their foods across the globe. For example, mandoo, manti, momo, and bāozi: all of these types of dumplings originated in Central Asia and spread across the Old World beginning in the 12th century. This encyclopedia surveys common street foods in about 100 countries and regions of the world, clearly depicting how "fast foods of the common people" fit into a country or a region's environments, cultural history, and economy. The entries provide engaging information about specific foods as well as coverage of vendor and food stall culture and issues. An appendix of recipes allows for hands-on learning and provides opportunities for readers to taste international street foods at home.



  • Bruce Kraig
  • Colleen Taylor Sen

Table of Contents

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Title Page.
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List of Entries.
List of Recipes.
List of Recipes by Country.
1: Afghanistan.
2: Andean South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile).
3: Colombia.
4: Ecuador.
5: Peru.
6: Chile.
7: Arabian Peninsula.
8: Argentina.
9: Australia.
10: Austria.
11: The Balkans (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Albania).
12: Bulgaria.
13: Serbia.
14: Croatia.
15: Bosnia and Herzegovina.
16: Slovenia.
17: Macedonia.
18: Albania.
19: Bangladesh.
20: Barbados.
21: Belarus.
22: Belgium.
23: Brazil.
24: Canada.
25: The Caucasus: Armenia and Georgia.
26: Central Africa.
27: Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama).
28: Belize.
29: Costa Rica.
30: El Salvador.
31: Guatemala.
32: Honduras.
33: Nicaragua.
34: Panama.
35: China.
36: Cuba.
37: Czech Republic and Slovakia.
38: Denmark.
39: East Africa.
40: Egypt.
41: France.
42: Germany.
43: Great Britain.
44: Greece.
45: Guyana.
46: Haiti.
47: Hong Kong and Macau.
48: Hong Kong.
49: Macau (Macao).
50: Hungary.
51: Iceland.
52: India.
53: Western India.
54: Southern India.
55: Eastern India.
56: Indonesia.
57: Iran.
58: Ireland.
59: Israel.
60: Italy.
61: Jamaica.
62: Japan.
63: Jordan.
64: Lebanon.
65: Liberia.
66: Mexico.
67: Mongolia.
68: Morocco.
69: Nepal.
70: The Netherlands.
71: Nigeria.
72: North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya).
73: Norway.
74: Pakistan.
75: Papua New Guinea.
76: The Philippines.
77: Poland.
78: Portugal.
79: Puerto Rico.
80: Romania.
81: Russian Federation.
82: Singapore.
83: South Africa.
84: Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma).
85: Vietnam.
86: Laos.
87: Cambodia.
88: Burma (Myanmar).
89: South Korea.
90: Spain.
91: Sri Lanka.
92: Suriname.
93: Switzerland.
94: Syria.
95: Taiwan.
96: Thailand.
97: Trinidad and Tobago.
98: Turkey.
99: Ukraine.
100: United States and African American.
101: African American Street Food.
102: Uzbekistan.
103: Venezuela.
104: West Africa.
Æbleskiver (Apple Doughnuts, Denmark).
Akasan (Corn Drink, Haiti).
Aloo Pie (Trinidad).
Arepas (Venezuela).
Ayran (Yogurt Drink, Turkey).
Barbudos (Costa Rica).
Beef Plov (Bukhara, Uzbekistan).
Bindaetteok (Korean Savory Pancakes).
Black Beans (Guatemala).
Black Pepper Crab (Singapore).
Boiled Channa (Guyana).
Boulanee with a Potato Filling (Afghanistan).
Buletten (Fried Meat Patties, Germany).
Burek (Balkans).
Burritos (United States).
Cassava Pone (Guyana).
Causas (Stuffed Potatoes, Peru).
Chapli Kebab (Afghanistan).
Chicken and Stuffing Sandwiches (Ireland).
Chicken Kiev (Ukraine).
Chimichurri (Argentina).
Congee (Hong Kong).
Coriander and Fish Ball Noodle Soup (Hong Kong).
Corn Dogs (United States).
Corn Soup (Trinidad).
Crepes (France).
Dakkochi (Korean Chicken).
Felafel (Israel).
Fiadu (with Pineapple and Pineapple Syrup, Suriname).
Fish and Chips (Great Britain).
Fiskekaker (Fish Cakes, Norway).
Focaccia (Bari, Italy).
Fried Chicken Strips (African American).
Frieten Met Mayonnaise (Belgium).
Fujianese Oyster Omelet (Hao Zai Ping).
Ful Meddames (Mashed Fava Beans, Egypt).
Ginger Drink (West Africa).
Green Papaya Salad (Thailand).
Griddled Green Onion Flatbread (Cong You Ping, China).
Gughni (Savory Chickpeas, Eastern India).
Hainan Chicken (Singapore).
Haleem (Wheat and Meat Porridge, Iran).
Hushuur (Fried Meat-Filled Pastries, Mongolia).
Irio (Kenya).
Izgara Kimyonlu Köfte (Meatballs with Cumin, Turkey).
Joojeh Kabab (Chicken Kabobs, Iran).
Kabiraj (Chicken) Cutlet (India).
Kaiserschmarrn (Dessert Dumplings, Austria).
Karantita Algérienne (Chickpea Pie, Algeria).
Kremówka Papieska (Pope John Paul II's Favorite Cake, Poland).
Lahouh (Israel).
Lassi (Sweet Yogurt Drink, India).
Lomper (Potato Bread, Norway).
Masala Vadai (Sri Lanka).
Mint Chutney (India).
Mititei/Mici (Romania).
Mofongo (Puerto Rico).
Mohinga (Spicy Noodle Soup, Myanmar/Burma).
Momos (Nepal).
Mûhallabiyeh (Milk Pudding, Lebanon).
Mutton Kebabs (Shashlik, Central Asia).
Nalistniki (Belarus).
Nihari (Beef Stew with Ginger, Pakistan and India).
Nohutlu Pilav (Rice Pilaf with Chickpeas, Turkey).
Okonomiyaki (Japan).
Oliebollen (Round Doughnuts with Dried Fruit, the Netherlands).
Pakoras (Indian Vegetable Fritters).
Papaya Salad (Laos).
Pav Bhaji (Cauliflower, Mumbai, India).
Phô (Beef Noodle Soup, Vietnam).
Pholourie (Trinidad).
Pie Floater (Australia).
Piri-Piri Chicken (Mozambique).
Pirozhki (Small Savory Pastries with a Variety of Fillings, Russia).
Pofesen (Austria).
Pork Loin Sandwich with Sweet-and-Sour Red Cabbage (Denmark).
Pork Loin with Crisp Crackling (Denmark).
Potato Curry (India).
Pupusa (El Salvador).
Red Pepper Chutney (Afghanistan).
Rice and Beans (Belize).
Ris Graz (Burkinabe Fried Rice, Burkina Faso).
Roasted Cockles (Cambodia).
Roz Bi Laban (Rice Pudding, Egypt).
Salsa Criolla (Argentina).